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  1. I barely used the foot to make things more sporting. I used the Spas a lot.
  2. I've been wondering what happened to him too, so I did some looking: "When attempting to gain access to the Warden's office to obtain the butchery key, Jake tracks down Pierce's last known location in the west block to get his key to the office. Within a security checkpoint containing an infected security guard, the key is discovered lieing in a pool of smeared blood. Amidst the blood lies Pierce's framed photograph of his daughter, a blood stained hand print on the glass – though no body is present in the room." So he's almost guaranteed to be dead. His zombie form was probably shot dead by Ito's strike team.
  3. Terrance. The guy reminded me of an old Kyle Katarn from the Jedi Knight games. Ben comes in second, because I'm a computer guy myself.
  4. That something dark probably apologized to you during the scare.
  5. Is he? I walked over and stared at his corpse. Was that a glitch? It looked like Michael was trying to kill Jake then and there, and Raito saved him. Would also make sense, since Ito wasn't hesitant to kill Jake even if he worked for Michael. I and a few others saw no such body. You may need to post a screenie of that. No, Michael wanted Jake to complete the book. Tom in the dream stages said Michael was kind of stupid for doing this, since Tom said Michael would get nothing except a corpse, instead of whatever it was he wants. Also, Ito is a murderous scumbag due to being in charge of a video game PMC, so he is expected to kill Jake on sight.
  6. Angelo actually killing her would still be very hard. She was in the bathroom, and there are no windows inside so he cannot shoot her from outside the House. He would need to actually enter the House, but Jake would have noticed if there was an armed intruder. Also, considering Jake is a SWAT, he would have known if his wife was murdered instead of suicide. Since his friends know she's dead, the body would have been investigated, and an autopsy would have proven that it was murder if it was. No such claim of murder has been made in any of the calls back to Jake. Also, there's no way to know if Angelo was addressing Jake. He said that he could only smell, and there's no way Angelo would know Jake's specific scent beforehand.
  7. Michael is alive. His body is suspiciously missing. The invisible man was probably Takeo, because he moves very fast.
  8. No, Angelo was rambling "I'm sorry" because he feels bad that he intends to eat Jake. I'm quite sure that Jake's Wife killed herself. Yes, the wife was angry, but that may have been that she wants to be the only one to scare Jake, and the thought of being replaced by some shumbling corpse was repulsive to her. The last we see of Angelo was that he was pulled into a bathroom; that doesn't mean he's dead.
  9. No way Angelo killed Jake's Wife. Jake would have known.
  10. It said somewhere that it's just one Jake until after Igor is shot dead. During the escape afterwards, you play as the second Jake, but the real one was taken into custody. However, I agree that there are two Jakes, just not in the sense you're thinking. Perhaps the House and the plot are two parallel universes? The plot has too much content to be unreal, but the House has you waking up when you finish a chapter and going to sleep when you start one. So there's one Jake in the plot doing what he does, and then there's House Jake, where the whole hostage situation never happened.
  11. That's because nobody in-universe really notices him die. When Ito attacks, you can see Eric get shot and killed immediately after Matthew. I did notice that one non-guard survivor said that he would rather stay inside the base. Perhaps those survivors are actually alive, but want nothing to do with the rest of the group.
  12. I also feel that the military did not appear as much as I would have liked in Chapter 1. With another side, however, I feel that they would appear enough. Here's how I think the third side can be introduced: The Western Janus sides with Jake. In response, the Eastern Janus uses Ito's PMC to fight the Western Janus. According to Mxthe, there is a scientist working for the Eastern Janus who was related to the Chernobyl disaster. Presumably, the scientist used Chernobyl to create a test site for his experiments on reality. The scientist managed to create an entity much like the universal constructors in Deus Ex. However, he has a secret agenda. A race of beings from another dimension have their own plans for Earth (perhaps a merger between their dimension and ours, or outright destroy it) and are using the scientist to allow them to change Underhell's reality by creating malevolent paranormal activity. This straining of reality is why Jake keeps switching between the plot and the House, as well as why Emily and Jake's Wife are ghosts, Angelo becomes a zombie, and the general paranormal oddities. Here's a scenario where the third side is confronted. The Otherrace (so they can have a name) manages to pull an object that looks like the Core Romero has in NH2 into reality. It causes extreme hallucinations, and the military engage in an abortive attempt to destroy it, since the infantry go insane. The zombies are also killed when they approach, despite their friendliness towards it in NH2. Presumably, Romero was using a dormant one, modified some of its components, and turned it on, so that it considers zombies to be friendly and does not allow the Otherrace to enter reality. However, the new Otherrace core is fully functional, and Jake and his wife join forces to destroy one, shooting Otherrace on the way.
  13. I'm not sure about which ones you're talking about. I know Eric gets shot dead when Ito ambushes, but I don't know much about what happened to Eric's men.
  14. No, you can only do the prologue section of the House before playing prologue proper. A guy mentioned somewhere that after completing Chapter 1, Jake gets a scar on his head from the gunshot, but there is no way he could have returned to his house between Chapter 1 and 2. Maybe Jake dreamed it up, but as you said, there are things too consistent in both for that to be possible.
  15. The common theory on this is that Frank killed them. There's a picture in the main menu with Frank holding a gun near the well. Presumably, Frank shot all three, dumped them in a well, and left them for dead. Angelo was the only survivor because of his "condition." Angelo does mention getting shot in his first tape. No clues on why Frank did this, though.
  16. Suspicious green liquid in boxes? I'm thinking that's the infection itself. I don't know what jake dropped when he got to the second level though. It looked like a pen of some sort.
  17. Yeah, but there is still two more chapters and an epilogue to go. I'm thinking its those buildings in the background. Not that one behind the fence; that's likely an accessway to the background buildings, at most with maybe a new monster. Also, if the House is real, then how do you justify how both Underhell's plot and the House can coexist?
  18. Terry and Ben, even if they are alive, are still stuck in the facility. If we see them again, it will probably be a long time; maybe Chapter 3.
  19. Since the House isn't real, Angelo can't be real either, can he? Or maybe the House is real, and Underhell's plot is actually an alternate timeline acting like reality, and Jake is just dreaming it up. Also, maybe when Jake is killed by Angelo, he really is killed, but he comes back to life in his bed a few hours later because the House reality is a broken world with various concepts assumed to be true are not.
  20. I'm thinking a four way battle between the infection, the military, Jake, and paranormal oddities in reality. All the paranormal incursions from Jake's Wife, as well as the distortions caused offscreen in NH2 causes the Underhell universe to behave oddly, such as rooms repeating impossibly when you walk in circles, falling through the floor into a room below with a black mark indicating where you fell, brief transitions between the Underhell world and a spooky pocket dimension, and maybe a few STALKER entities. When Jake is in the House, it is clear that other inhabitants near Jake's house have been affected, like Jake's Wife who can't leave, and Angelo, who is a sentient zombie.
  21. I didn't caught by him but the screen gets blurry if he gets too close which happened when I first ran into him which naturally scared the shit out of me. Also, there's the big, big question: The team has said that at least some of Underhell's main plot is real, but does that mean the House reality itself is real? There is no way Jake could stop at his house in between chapters. Thus, if the House is proven to not be real, Angelo wouldn't be real.
  22. Oh god, you're psychic. We need to ask this guy for when Chapter 2 is coming out.
  23. Does anyone know if that thing that chases you around in the forest at night (not the well) is Angelo? I didn't get a good look at it. I suspect that Angelo is real. If the thing in the forest isn't him, then whatever it is is probably preventing people from staying dead. (Angelo is a zombie, Jake's wife is a ghost stuck in the living world, and Jake himself wakes up a few hours later after he is killed. Also, does anyone know what happens to Jake (other than being lunch) if he gets caught by Angelo? I avoided him too well and I don't know what happens; did he wake up in the House?