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  1. I feel the same, but there are a few corallaries to that I wish to mention: I was getting bored of killing zombies at about the lab section of the plot. (That bit that looks like it was taken from an Alien movie and there's gas everywhere.) Fortunately, gun-toting military was around to indulge my shooting an hour later, which was certainly good. Also, I agree with the reviewer that the Chapter feels like it could be its own game. Playing Underhell from start to finish, assuming the rest of the Chapters are as good as this one, would be like watching a full TV show season in one go. Others could take issues with this, but I like this because each episode is very well resolved. I thought that Chapter One was going to cut to credits when Jake gets gassed a second time because the signs of an ending were all about: The grudual loss of control of Jake, epic cutscene, similarities to the end of the Prologue, and a cliffhanger with the rest of the survivors that implied that Chapter 2 will be about finding the team and Jake will actually escape in Chapter 4. Then I was baffled because the game did not end and the Chapter actually resolved the most pressing plot threads it created, which I like very much. And I was truly amazed by the third-person section in the beginning. I didn't even know that was possible.
  2. I've made a TV Tropes page for Underhell. I've noticed a few other people helping out in making the page, too.
  3. Something interesting: I was looking around in the sound files, and I saw that Royce (the last living of Ito's three guys) actually makes a cameo in the small bit of Chapter 2. I think he was one of the troopers who shoots a civie when you look around the offices. Also, I'm thinking that Underhell is an alternate reality past of the Get a Life mod. In the GaL world, whoever started up the virus is much more entrenched presumably because Jake was killed by the gas in the Prologue. The new reality doesn't only make traditional zombies; it also makes large spiders, large superzombies, and flying zombie-like abominations. Presumably, the creator had more time to make the virus more dangerous because Jake was not around to muck things up. Much like the original timeline, the city is invaded by Ito's counterparts, the EVIS. They do a poor job in killing the infection, and the player finds himself in a zombie apocalypse, much like the beginning of Chapter 2, but less epic. Much like Jake's experience from the original timeline, there are friendly survivors about to destroy the infection and fight the EVIS. The player eventually escapes the zombie-filled city into the countryside watching civilization get destroyed by the EVIS and the zombies, of which I believe would consist of Chapter 3. Here he finds more evil EVIS and friendly survivors who get blown up soon after finding them. For some reason, the player is then shipped into Antarctica, since the zombies are winning the war with humanity, starting Chapter 4. Very surprisingly, the player is in a Borealis-like level and finds Antarctica filled with zombies and the EVIS almost completely wiped out. After blowing up one of the infection leaders, the player character dies because he's stuck in Antarctica. The epilogue implies that the world has totally fallen to the zombies and shows Paris, France has been overrun with zombies. I presume, in my headcanon, that Michael is actually a survivor of the GaL alternate reality and went back in time using EVIS technology in the future. He ensures Jake survives so he can be used to avert the apocalypse. The reason you don't see his body in the ending is because Michael temporarily went back to his alternate timeline. Presumably, Michael also fragmented the EVIS so they won't stupidly try to blow up the rest of humanity. Since the zombies are attempting to take over the city in the Underhell timeline, but fortunately without their special infected abominations, Michael is reviewing his options for how to prevent the Infection from spreading futher and the new EVIS(Ito's guys) from destroying civilization. Also, the changes to the timeline because of Michael may be the reason Emily and Jake's Wife are stuck in Underhell's land of the living, where they may have died normally or only been zombified in the GaL timeline.
  4. I've definitely completed chapter one and am still getting this hint. I'm guessing something didn't trigger correctly - can you tell me at which point it sends you back to the House between chapter one and two?
  5. I didn't like it at first, but then I noticed that it had a certain scare factor about it. For example, if you beat a zombie over the head, you might bring 4 other zombies to attack you, and then when they die, you're chased all over the map by angry zombies. The only problem I could see was the limited ammo. When I killed off a few hordes, I barely had any ammo to fight the next wave.
  6. You are posting.
  7. Don't take it to the box. Take it in the box, specifically the lower compartment.
  8. When I was mentioning sewers, I was referring to the House portion. And yes, I do realize that there is no relation between NH2 and Underhell other than the shared universe. Surely a two sentence explanation for why NH2 has no place in the story in-universe would't be too much to ask? Example: A guy on the radio says that NLH along with a few other plot-important targets were destroyed. Done. Also, Jake's Wife's alternate form seems way too much like the real Emily in both behavior and appearance. I know I should suspend disbelief, but still...
  9. Here's a few other theories I've cooked up: 1. The Real Emily has lost her paranormal hold by Underhell's events. She grants Jake's Wife her alternate form and paranormal powers, and is influencing the conflict between Jake and his deceased wife behind the scenes. This is supported since Jake's Wife's alternate form actually is Emily's model, and she scares Jake in a similar way Emily does to the PC in NH2. 2. 3. 4. There is another thing stalking the woods. All Angelo does is stumble towards you; there is another thing in the woods that is actually invisible and can appear in front of you for a split second at night. 5. Jake is a special infected, explaining his immunity. He was officially infected in the prologue and because an augmented human; further infection would have no effect on him. 6. As an alternate take on Theory 3, Underhell's plot may be just a hallucination. The House is the true reality.
  10. From the few minutes of Chapter 2 we were allowed to play, here's what I'm thinking:
  11. I'm completely baffled that Chapter 1 came out in two and a half years, actually. The mod looks like it was made in five. Examples would be that third person section at the start of Chapter 1 and the UI and gameplay changes throughout. I can't think of any other HL2 mod that features an inventory system and a temporary third person mode, in fact.
  12. They have a Greenlight page. No one made a Let's Play for Chapter One yet, but when one does, you can show your friend one of those. Also, tell him to read some of the reviews on mod db. They may be outdated, but put the mod in a good light. At this time of writing, Underhell is the top mod at Mod DB, too.
  13. Do you happen to have a changelog for the new patch?
  14. I can only supply the prologue scares: http://underhellmod.wikia.com/wiki/The_House
  15. There is also that scariness in the forest. I suggest you walk in there at night. Only new scare in house proper I could see was that the normally locked door is opening and closing now.
  16. Use (bracket)spoiler(bracket) text (bracket)/spoiler(bracket) where (bracket) is [ and ].
  17. Found it a few minutes ago. Easier than I thought.
  18. A few posts above answered most of my questions, but there is still a few things I'm unlear about... Also, where are those pliers for the House section? The objective was vague, and I've looked in the Shed all over the place for it when I read the Underhell Wiki's description. I know where the fence is, though. The objective said something about something missing from the woods. Pictures would be great if a word description wouldn't be satisfactory.