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  1. Has anyone else been having problems with rendering source recorder demos? I didn't expect much, but the only problem with rendering is this strange stutter and camera skipping (especially during cutscenes). Have any of you guys had this problem? What's the developers' take on this? Since I can't really use anything else other than the source recorder software to get decent frames, demos are the only solution for me if I want to create videos off of this game. On another note, I seem to be suffering a moderately annoying problem regarding subtitles and the TAB (objective status update) button. Whenever subtitles are displayed, ambient occlusion (I believe) stops working. Most shadow outlines in corners and around most objects disappear for the duration of a subtitle appearance, while pressing TAB will fix it back for the duration of the objective status update. This annoys me greatly, because Chapter 1 is mostly close quarters with lots of walls and corners.
  2. I had just recently re-installed Underhell to check if it has proper source recorder support (if it does, I'm going to make a fan-made trailer in my spare time!) However, after installing the mod and rebooting steam, clicking 'play' on Underhell does completely nothing. Steam recognizes the mod as it got sorted into the category and Steam showed me the last play date (September). I verified cache of all the Source SDK Base tools. I can see previous posts mentioning this, but saying thanks to a post inexistent in this forum gives me no leads for a solution whatsoever. Anyway, I just found a solution. In case anyone is going to do the same mistake I did, try to opt out of the Steam Beta and restart Steam. The mod should launch just fine then.
  3. Wow. Just wow. I expected... I expected a free Source mod to pass the time. What I got was almost a triple A game made by a professional game studio, but not literally. I can't stress enough the amount of fun I had with this mod. And I'm still going to have if the production value is going to stay like this. I can honestly say I would pay money for this. The amount of effort put into one mod is just amazing. The length, depth and diversity of the gameplay is just astounding for a free Source mod. You guys rock. And don't you dare abandon this project - you probably have hundreds of thousands of people waiting for Episode 2. I can't believe that I would ever in my life say my favorite mod ever is now Underhell. I mean, I LOVE MINERVA: Metastasis. This is a masterpiece.