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  1. 3 hands ghost in the glasses took these pictures a few days ago when I decided to replay UH with my sister.
  2. It's all good haha also late but whatever no
  3. How exactly did THAT happen?
  4. Did you pick up the special card in the gas room?
  5. I still check back every once in a while to see what's up.
  6. Must be something cut from the final game.
  7. Looks nice. I'll use this if I replay UH in the future.
  8. At the part when you have to block the double doors with your axe after escaping the Western L Block, if you do it before the doors actually close, the doors will open back up and the NPCs and doors will be stuck. I don't know if this was already reported, but I just looked through these pages on this topic and didn't see the same issue. I thought there was a way to force a side quest to start through the console, but I couldn't find where I thought I saw that. The thing is, Bryan's first side quest won't start anymore after I have reloaded a save. I reloaded because I did initially have his quest in hand, but I didn't finish it quick enough and when I got back, it triggered the sequence.
  9. Heh. I'd wonder how many CODs there'd be by now, if 1/10 of HL3/EP3 teasers are revealed by then, and if Underhell is converted to Source Engine 360. future me: please ignore my stupidity
  10. If only it were that simple, but it's not that easy, if possible at all.
  11. or frik committed suicide no one really knows gosh I suck at songs why did i even try (Future me: Indeed, WHY did you try...)
  12. is what I feared. But I can understand the huge wait for Chapter 1. It's just.... sooo long for a wait!
  13. He doesn't even get to France. Jake died/zombified in the Arctic, and the player is posthumously informed that France has been zombified. So Jake died in the end? This changes the entire plot of Underhell.
  14. I'm pretty sure he just said that. But anyway, it would be nice if stealth was more easier. I personally like to sneak if there's an option, but it was always just so hard. I even cheated to use the "save" console command, and a total count of the first stealth level's restarts due to alerts was something like 15-20.
  15. It's not like there are houses that are built for just one or two people nowadays. The playground had to have been there long before Jake married. According to Jake's calender, Jake's wife moved in and didn't even survive a week. Like said above, Mrs. Hawkfield didn't survive the first week of living there, so I don't think they'd even have enough time to check if she was ever pregnant. (Future me: I was young and stupid writing that one) That room is obviously WIP if it only has a lamp and a desk. There are not enough facts to prove that there is a third member. All of these "facts" are just hunches. (Future me: Honestly, this didn't need to be said) Jake simply and plainly says that the door is locked. Not because he doesn't want to go in there. Nice theory dough.