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  1. I personally found Mathew's death quite hilarious once the glasses cracked I simply laughed. And Junior when I saw the cutscene the first thought that came to my head BLACK JEEZUS lol
  2. I assume its that building because the last point of Ch 1's house is the fence which leads us to a tunnel that leads towards that building. As for the house not being real? That doesn't make much sense.
  3. I didn't caught by him but the screen gets blurry if he gets too close which happened when I first ran into him which naturally scared the shit out of me.
  4. Damn I guess I'm looking too much into any little detail.
  5. Yeah but right when I left the house I saw a crow on the mailbox and then it flew away. So I checked it and I found it then. Might be a random crow behavior but it was odd nonetheless
  6. Hmmm crows....
  7. Concerning the increased amount of activity in the house?
  8. There has to be a plenty of mind fucks.... Seriously playing in the house alone is freaking me out. Shit is going all sorts of crazy.
  9. Where in the bathtub? or in the actual kitchen?
  10. I think Jake was cloned multiple amount of times for the development of Posterus. As Tom says "They look so much like him it's killing me to do this to them."
  11. No clue it's confusing given that the events of Chapter 1 are no longer in chronological order and are thrown out the window when we find out Jake was under a hypnosis. Unless if I recall Marcus was taking about that they developed a different strain of the gas. It could be that the first time Jake was exposed to it he had the "wonderful" reaction. The second time he was exposed his body was used to it that why he had no violent reaction.
  12. Have you gone through the towards the end?