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  1. Seriously, can someone help me? No matter how fast/slow I go someone always fucks me over and I get spotted. Now, the movement patterns are starting to get random. One guy just stood still staring at the place I wanted to go past, after 3 mins he moved I went to go past and he just turned around and spotted me! Is there like a radius where they can hear your footsteps or some shit? I've got no ammo left so the only way through is sneaking or bashing their heads in and ATM I just can't do either...

  2. Need help with the stealth mission. For some reason if i'm walking behind someone they can see me, they do a 180 spin and blow my head off. Also, they all seem to backtrack every 5 seconds meaning I can't make it to the fucking vents to hide atall. No matter how long I wait for a guard to pass another one takes his place or he backtracks and finds me. it's so damn annoying.


    Is it possible to kill a guard with the silenced pistol and hide the body without setting of alarms/alerting guards. I want to ghost that part and get the trophy or whatever :3


    EDIT: Uurgh FFS. I got really far into the base/mainframe or whatever and I was about to walk through a doorway when a guard comes out, I managed to sneak off and hide in a cubical nearby and somehow he spotted me through the fucking wall and I had to start again -_- Not sure if it's just me but there really should be some checkpoints scattered around.

  3. I don't know how to do the spoiler tag thing so If you don't want a minor spoiler please don't look.




    I'm stuck on the bit where you have to turn on some sort of air flow system to release a lockdown due to the toxic gas.

    I know what  to do but I'm out of ammo and I can't take down the 7-10 infected in the way with melee only.


    anyone know about any weapon or ammo stashes I can use? I have the hermit's wrench and some FM radios, would I be able to like play music somewhere so I can just walk past?


    EDIT: Made it past. I ran as fast as possible dropped a crap ton of flares and a radio set fire to infected. Not sure if they actaully worked or not but I got the last pipe and now I'm trying to find the air purification room xD

  4. Thanks! Sorry for hassling you the past day xD 
    Thing is, I'm not very good when it comes to horror but I like mysteries so I've been trying to almost "Speedrun" the house to avoid the scares.
    EDIT: Found the shovel, going to the tree now. Hope there aren't any jumpscares :P


    EDIT, AGAIN: Still says go to the fog and stuff, tryign to figure out how to lift the lid of the well I dug up. I think I'll play the actuall campaign/story now xD

  5. I had the same problem I think you answered what's wrong but I didn't quite get what you meant.


    Do you have to finish the bit with the prison? I  passed the first SWAT bit and got delivered by helicopter to some prison. Then I went back to the house to investigate the tree. 


    Also, the shovel isn't by the bags near the slide. I haven't found it yet but I want to dig up the thing by the tree. Is the shovel elsewhere and I'm not looking properly or is the game bugged or something?