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  1. Where did she appear in the prologue?
  2. The cleaver might be Igor's weapon.
  3. I think we only play as one Jake, the other(s) may or may not be all dead. Tom Hawkfield is the name of Jake's father. I'm pretty sure the two Jakes in diner scene was mostly him realizing that he wasn't really there, it's like when you figure out you are having a dream while you're dreaming.
  4. On the contrary, it would be easier for him to create an imaginary monster who's responsible for his wife's death, and then have him wander in some sort of personal purgatory as punishment, stuck in a perpetual state of un-death, rather than face the fact that he does not understand why his wife comitted suicide. For the record, I'm not saying that's what happened, but don't discard the possibility of Angelo being a demon made up by Jake's mind.
  5. If you get caught by him, what happens is that you basically get a very intimate close up of him yelling "I'm sawwrry" (as he usually does), and then you wake up again. Fun fact: if he catches up to you while you're holding a flare, it will set him on fire during the close up. Kind of disturbing. Personally, I don't believe the house is real. I mean, of course it exists, but Jake isn't really there, it's all in his head.
  6. There's a silencer for the G36?!? Crap man, if I had known that, it would've changed everything lol.
  7. Hmm, I didn't have any crows around when I found that letter. I think it's just an interesting coincidence. Go back inside, everything should be fairly obvious from there. If for some reason the events do not trigger (it happened to me), return to the hidden passageway so that you get the "what the hell?" message again, then return to the well to get the message regarding the fact that lid is sealed and there is nobody there. Then go back inside.
  8. Difficulty: normal Thought of changing it to hard mid-playthrough, but I decided not to; that way I will have a different experience next time I play the game. Time: about 20 hours-ish, counting with the prologue. Two six-hour sessions and two four-hour ones. All of them started after 11 PM. Trophies: everything but the hermit picture (and I was looking so hard for that last card for the crossbow quest) and the metal gear (I suck at stealth, I'll just admit it). Hostage situation was resolved by "incapacitating" the suspect; he shot me first, that gives me a legal right as a SWAT officer to defend myself. Total Cards: 49 Preferred weapons: 1 - Baton 2 - Silenced SOCOM 3 - MP5A3 (red dot sight) 4 - "Lucy" 5 - G36K I played the original release version (I survived the endless hordes).
  9. Isn't that the one you find in the mailbox?
  10. That's a good point, if they are still alive, then Raito probably has helped them escape already. We should take into account that many hours have passed since Jake was taken into that interrogation room, Raito had plenty of time to go back to the facility to help them out.
  11. Yeah, I saw that, but I didn't quite figure it out at the time, your interpretation makes a lot of sense. There is one thing bothering me, when he says "they look so much like him", shouldn't he be saying "they look so much like each other" or something to that effect? Does that imply that there are two clones of Tom's son? Three Jakes?
  12. If that's the case, then perhaps the original Jake ("Guilt"?) broke out of his tank and killed everyone, that's what we saw in the prologue, a memory. If that's so, then what really happened to SWAT Jake in the gas room in the prologue was the whole Takeo/Raito saves Mia scenario. They were trying to fix something, find a cure for the infection perhaps; Jake had a different reaction to the gas in Chapter 1, he did not go berserk, as such, SWAT Jake (the supposed clone) must be immune to the gas/infection. They succeeded! This would also explain why he was the only prisoner in the prison block to not become a zombie. Some things still don't add up though, if he's a clone, then which Jake met Bryan and the others? When did that happen?
  13. He has most definitely been to both facilities, and both of them had an outbreak (judging by what Terry said about code red). Everything (except for the over-the-top escape from A.R.C) has happened. The hard part is figuring out what happened where, and when.
  14. Screenshots proving that Bryan has escaped: You can't see him very well, but that's the best I could do. What with the door on the way.
  15. -I felt really bad for Junior and Bryan, which is good, because it got me very motivated to kick Igor's ass. -Bryan is alive, if you look to your right when you escape the interrogation room, you'll see the door of the next room fly open and Bryan will make a break for the stairs. (I'll try to get a screenshot) -I do believe Terry and Ben are still alive somewhere, the facility did not blow up, that was just a mental projection of Jake's representing a stress release or something (I can't remember Michael's explanation), so they were sucessful in their task. Besides, with Ben's technical knowledge and Terry's experience, how could they possibly fail? Spoiler if you haven't finished the house completely:
  16. Nah, he makes an armor made entirely of helmets!
  17. I was actually expecting her to appear behind my reflection in the mirror. It hasn't happened yet and maybe it won't happen at all, but that hasn't stopped me from keeping my head low every time I walk past it. I'm also avoiding the tv like the plague... there's a well in the backyard and I'm being haunted by a creepy ghost lady, I've seen this movie before.
  18. I enjoyed the endless waves as well, it added a sense of urgency to the areas where it happened. I think it would be appropriate if you kept it for hard difficulty (if at all possible), hard is supposed to have more enemies anyway.
  19. I'm actually looking for those pliers, I've read that they are in the attic and I need a key, and a clock is somehow involved (?) but I checked the dining room clock and I couldn't do a whole lot with it. Any hints? Also, I think I'm almost finished with the chapter 1 version of the house, will there be some sort of indication that I've done everything? Or should I just keep pressing tab until there is nothing left to do? Edit: oh, and Loki, you should explore the backyard more thoroughly... Edit 2: ok, nevermind, for some reason a certain event where the clock opens up didn't trigger properly. Now I've got it.