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  1. i liked most of the characters: Matt, Ben, Terry and Bryan are the highlights.
  2. i think the most scariest part for me was in one of the areas, i forgot what it was called, where it is all gassed and gloomy, and you can hardly hear a damn thing with the gas mask, let alone see. when the zombies chased after me... it was terrifying, especially when you can hardly see a damn thing because you keep on tripping and smashing into stuff lol i had to take a deep breath after that
  3. SOCOM w/ laser sight.
  4. yeah, i got it on accident as well. i was running around screaming "OHGODOHGODOHGOD" then he smashed into the pillar, and then i figured out what to do
  5. Just wanted to congratulate Mxthe for creating such an excellent GAME, because that is what it feels like; a totally new experience. i really haven't seen this much effort (much like Black Mesa) put into an original IP mod before. i haven't beaten this yet (i am nowhere near finished lol), but i am already extremely impressed. i am still going through chapter 1 where you have to shut off the power in the south wing to divert energy to get to the main core, but so far, it is great! i am damn scared of the house though, i'm not one to take horror games that great... but damn, it is so tense! from the first time you encounter a zombie, which made me coware in horror as i hide in the closet, then being chased in the dark by a zombie wielding a giant sword, creeping on top of the roofs, hoping one of the floorboards don't give way, to turning off the power and then hearing loud screams, only to see silhouettes of a hoard of zombies coming running towards me in near total darkness... argh! coupled with a great story and a great voice acting (especially for a mod) and 1 other completely different game (the house), it scares the pants out of me. i love the inspiration of Amnesia (a game that involves hiding from monsters, and a game i have never played) to excellent, realistic gunplay (more games should have free aim and scopes that don't have black boxes surrounding them), survival aspects, some rpg aspects, fantastic level design and exploration(reminds me of Deus Ex), great A.I... i could go on and on. i want to play more now, and hopefully not crap myself again. edit: oh, and i forgot to mention that the music is fantastic! and i like the new sounds like footstep sounds you put in, it helps really set it apart from Half-Life (the "this sound sounds familiar" is hardly present)