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  1. So I thought it might be a good idea for us to share some of our saved games. Relive some of the thrills! Want to replay certain parts of Underhell? Maybe make a different choice? Discover an Easter egg? Or just kick some butt... again! Here is where we can make that happen! Some basic tips on saving: - You can allow saving anywhere you want with "sv_cheats 1" - To create a new save, type in console "save test1" (test1 being a logical name for the save) - To load a save you previiosly saved, type "load test1" - Your save files are located in Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\Underhell\SAVE - There are 2 different file types here. ".sav" is the saved game information. ".tga" is the ingame screen shot preview. - Don't overwrite your own saves. Keep a backup. When creating new saves be sure to give it a name. Some advice on sharing: - Upload your .sav file to a reliable host. The .tga file is not a requirement since its only a screenshot. - I highly recommend you compress the file to any of the following file formats .zip/.7z/.rar - Tell us where the save is, as well as what health, armor, ammo and weapons you have. You could also screen shot your inventory depending on how keen you are feeling. Thanks for reading!
  2. jake has a voice in new. he just only speaks once.
  3. Such great things take great time.
  4. plot reveled.
  5. Jake talked in the prologue once I think!
  6. Porting the mod should be fairly straight forward I expect. Can't wait for the 2013 version!
  7. Save description: Oxygen room (safe room). Just before the stealth section involving getting access to the mainframe. Current objective: Time to go to the north wing via the core... Save file name: stealth_mainframe Weapons: [baton] [sCOM silenced 12/90] [MP5 EDO 30/90] [M3 7/40] [Grenade] Health: 71 Armor: 55 Inventory screen shot: Download: Dropbox
  8. damnmmm, this shit is heavy.
  9. Your profile picture sums up the mod nicely. (as soon as the credits rolled I was in this state for at least 15mins)
  10. Wow nice! That was an enjoyable read too!
  11. xm1014 or something similar
  12. That pump action shotgun. And the silenced usp.
  13. Well NMRiH was green lit I think almost a year ago. (Valve time)
  15. ah sweet! what are the commands for crosshairs? cl_crosshair..? lol
  16. OnTrigger > case01 > PickRandom If you know the name of the entities it would be possible to trigger them via the console.
  17. NMRiH steam release soon though!
  18. I bound a key for third person. Underhell don't require sv_cheats 1 for third person which is nice! I think it would not take much to get third person a bit more usable (cross hairs etc)
  19. Iv told few of the NMRiH devs about it. I will deffo start up a topic on the forums.
  20. yea man nice write up!
  21. Yea that's on the next floor up I believe.
  22. I have just finshed chapter 1 and its one hell of a ride! I was very surprised by the length of it. Thats a hell of a lot of level design for one person! I'v been working on a level for No More Room in Hell mod and the map topic is coming up to almost a year old. Still not finished (Maybe I slack too much). You have really worked hard on this Mxthe and it shows. Great work! All the best and good luck with the next chapters.
  23. Thanks. I went back there again and found it with noclip. No idea how i missed that the first time
  24. Searching the offices for the vampire book. I want that silencer soo bad! Could someone tell me where abouts it is. Thanks! I've for to the stealth part now and not sure if I can go back.