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  1. I think this is more a problem of people than the actual difficulty system itself. We've all become such badasses we all know the tactics to just absolutely wipe Hordes. That's why Co-op would be so terrible. It'd be like having the Badass Squad x10 Overpowered.
  2. It's code red, not zero I've had some rather shoddy sinuses the past few days, don't be surprised if I make a few slips.
  3. So I've wondered. There are the occasional break-ups in the game where Jake apparently experiences Dizziness and eventually collapses. During this, he see's the rusty metal hallway and the doors with blinking red/green lights. I wondered, since near the end the red/green lights are shown to induce Jake so that he can tell his story to the Lawyer and other folk, are these break-ups supposed to be where the trance starts to falter and they put him through it again, or possibly something else entirely? Just some random 1am in the morning thinking.
  4. Bit of a bump. To me, crossing NH2 and UH seems like a bit of a. Stretch. I understand, there are some crackpot theories that some people have and will create but. In the end, unless Mxthe descends from the sky to deliver a note saying I'm wrong, I think it's mostly just easter eggs for the Keen-eyed.
  5. Could be that Jake does not like using guns Akimbo-Style, if following the IRL logic that it is generally inaccurate and highly unpractical. Pairing this with SWAT training and/or a distaste towards vidya-games he might just find it stupid, or maybe he's not ambidextrous. Just a few suggestions as to why. Could be Engine limitations too.
  6. Unpopular opinion time. A functioning Co-op story that fills in some story gaps with gameplay that Jake reasonably couldn't be apart of, or gives background (Code Zero at the other facility, hint hint nudge nudge.) to events that have happened or been alluded too. Or you could just have a co-op story that runs along with Jake's as a SWAT or PMC Duo.
  7. I was thinking it was more the Kicking-Carrousel of circling on top of tables well kicking the zombies that would follow you.
  8. So, after thinking and replaying Underhell Chapter 1, I've decided to try and think of a favorite character. Really difficult choice, to be honest, as they were all pretty human and well balanced. But, in real personal opinion, it's probably a tie between Matthew and Benjamin. Well voice-acted, well rounded, and I actually believed they did pretty well of not following cliche and were, once again, human. Anyway, throw your opinions on out, I'm sure there are some characters you liked specifically.
  9. The foot is, without a doubt, the end-all-be-all weapon. Stand on a crate and do the can-can and kick the undead hordes back into hell. With style.
  10. I stuck with the Mossberg.........570? It was the one that had five rounds, wood bits, and was pump action. Loved that gun, and I did use the G36K silenced, difficult competition between the two, really varies on situation.
  11. Terry and Ben, even if they are alive, are still stuck in the facility. If we see them again, it will probably be a long time; maybe Chapter 3. True. I do agree with the Four-way, but I think it should most certainly have a much heavier emphasis on the Military, specially with the spec-ops kind of hunter teams after Jake to kill his ass. Imagine how frightening that might be, sneaking around knowing they're hunting you, before bumping into one and booking your ass into a vent to hide. Fun stuff.
  12. I think balance is key, here. All Survival Horror and you learn all the tricks and zombies/zombie variants only get so scary once you figure out how to exploit them. Really, I think a Survival Horror with less infected, and more silent elite Military can be frightening. Hearing some footsteps, maybe seeing a red dot before it flicks off dangerously close to your head, seeing sprinting shadows, but never really seeing your hunters.
  13. Honestly, I understand, but I put the SPOILER tag on the thread for a reason, Gregster. Be prepared for Spoilers if you enter the thread. And to be fair, it really happens very early on in Chapter 1, so it's not like it should be a huge shock to any person that's actually bothered to play the game through a small bit into Ch.1 And why'd you freak out about that minor spoiler compared to the glorious theory pop full of them above you? Really man. Anyway, I really do like the ending, but there is one thing I'm curious about. Is it possible for Ben and Terry to be alive?
  14. I'd say then, try to turn the valve as soon as possible, then run topside to a chokepoint with enough room to strafe.
  15. And Ho-lee-shit. Clap. Clap. Clap. All the internet to the people who worked on this. So let's take some time to discuss what we liked about the ending, and the glorious up-coming Chapter Two of zambie city.