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  1. Oh man, guys, guys, my brain, I need that. All I understood was that, when you played Chapter 1, you were not really there, Jake is in the chair, with that Micheal or whatever his name was, and he was looking for something in jakes mind, something he saw in the facility. Then, the outbreak escapes one of the facilities and into the city Jake is in, thus allowing him to escape and apparently, bryan too, maybe even Ben and Terry, who knows? We know Matthew is dead, we know Junior is dead and that guy in the beginning, I forgot his name. One thing is not really clear though, who killed all those people at the end of the prologue? Was it Jake? Man, there are so many questions. This mod is so complex, it must've been really hard to write the story with all the characters and alternate realities and whatever. Well, that's the end of Brainfuck Chapter 1.
  2. It is like Minecraft. Notch did nothing to advertise the game, and look where it is now.
  3. I know that. Whenever I hear something I rush to the nearest closet like a man. When the world is invaded by zombies, I don't think anyone of us is going to rush at a horde of zombies with a bat, everyone will be sitting under tables.
  4. I could not bother looking for stuff like this because I was busy enjoying the game. I will replay on Hard difficulty though and I'll make sure to look for bugs and glitches for you guys.
  5. The scariest moment for me was when you woke up and finds that the prison is full of freaking zombies and you have to creep around in the dark. Scared the shit out of me. The most annoying part is when a horde is coming and you hide in the closet and watch as 20 zombies run around in the room, looking for you and they just won't leave.
  6. I gotta say, the love and passion in this mod is just overwhelming, the characters are so alive and I have so much to say, I'll take a few points I wanna get out here. -Firstly, I can't be the only one who got a tear down my cheek when Junior died, mostly because Bryan reacted so realistic, I could hear the panic in his breathing when he rushed around, confused and freaked out. -Wich leads me to the second point. Some one wrote in the Underhell Wiki that Bryan died when you crashed with the jeep, but there is nothing to back that up. He could still be alive. -And third, Terry IS still alive, he is too god damn awesome to be dead. At least I hope he is alive... -It is still unclear who killed all those people at the prologue. Jake was taken to that prison because he was the only one alive, but its still unclear if he did kill them, but that creepy guy with a suit knows something... I got lots of things to say but I'll save my breath. So, If I was wrong about anything, or if you want to correct me, please tell me, but be friendly, this isn't Call of Duty.