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  1. All that I am hoping for is at least differing reload animations for when there is a bullet in the chamber or not.
  2. first time I got the bedroom scare she was sitting on the bed looking at me. it happend once again while the fuse was out. I don't know what it is with this house and wanting me to explore it in the dark. I don't have anymore spare fuses.
  4. The boss fights are awesome. It is very nice the know that if I turn up the difficulty a notch it doesn't take 12 shotgun blasts to the face to kill someone.
  5. Terrance: I used to work in both facility's...Boop bop boop bee boo... JAKE KNOK IT OFF!
  6. Thanks bro
  7. I know who Matthew is and I finished the game but I don't get how he ties into making the game not greenlit.
  8. thanks, but both times my fuse blew it wasn't raining also I think you have higher chances to have scares. a lot of spooky sh!t happens to me when I try to fix the fuse
  9. What. I am so confused by your sentence why wont get greenlit, who is Matthew
  10. That is amazing. I did not even know you could get that rifle again beyond the prologue
  11. Has anyone encountered the fuse blowing sequence I only happened upon it once and heard nothing about it. I fixed it with the spare fuse but I was wondering if it was really rare as it says nothing about it as a scare on the wiki.
  12. the crows
  13. I find characters who don't talk make the game more immersive. I just noticed that Isaac from the very first dead space only says stuff like aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  14. Since chapter one took about 2 years I'm guessing about 2-3 years but this depends on if they are going to wait for it to be greenlit or the standalone gleenlit addition of chapter one comes out.
  15. I don't think green light works like that because other famous mods/semi famous mods like black mesa, cry of fear, operation black mesa, and other mods and mostly freeware games Have been greenlit. I don't think their that greedy in fact I think valve is one of the nicer gamming company's out there, But the way greenlight works is ridicules because of games like survive where all of the zombies use the same skin has been greenlit but this masterpiece is not. Commercial is to oddball a name to say when 30% of the greenlit games are freeware, inde, and mods. No video gaming companies are perfect and there are definitely places were valve screwed up, But no company is as bad as EA. These things take time and all we can do is wait until Underhell is greenlit, and calling the makers of greenlight greedy aholes does not help. So let us be patient and wait for underhell to be greenlit we have lots of time to wait while the game updates anyway.