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  1. Oh god, you're psychic.
  2. Thanks, the problem was that I didn't check the well cover afterwards. Anyway holy fuck that was creepy. And jake just goes back to normal life like nothing happened.
  3. So, I'm on the chapter 1 house, I've done the well thing, I've read all the diary pages, completed all the dreams, collected all the keys (obviously), yet I keep hearing about "Where do I use the pliers" and stuff like that. I've wondered around and I can't find anything. Do I have to finish Chapter 1 before the rest of the stuff shows up?
  4. The very first time you encounter The Hermit, there's a hidden FM Radio on the pipes which you can climb up to and grab. I found this on my first playthrough but haven't posted it until now. Hope this helps someone out there! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=176837790 By the way, I'm Liam9787, also known as that guy who's making way to many enthusiastic posts about fixing all the bugs in the game on ModDB