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  1. Hello, I'm the translator of Spanish underhell. Well, while I was translating the textures I found a hidden document in the mail 10 (never lost hope hospital) and the layers was this: To me it makes no sense, maybe it's a discarded mail...
  2. poor Héctor, nobody cares...
  3. cool
  4. That parking area has a lot of weird stuff in it. wrong post, sorry...
  5. This is the future!A flying car! : D
  6. This is the future!A flying car! : D
  7. Isn't that scare in the Chapter 1 House? He's saying he's in the Prologue House. Nearly positive this happened in prologue, though I could be wrong. Though still nearly completely sure of it. I would walk out through here. Again, this only worked if I walked from INSIDE to OUTSIDE. Not sure if that's just my luck, but that's the only time it has happened to me, and it always seemed to activate when I touched the grass. I am guessing you are also talking about THIS sink? (Sorry for having to use links, don't know how else to upload/show) Well, the issue with this being a sink scare is, the moment I walked out the door in the first picture, everything would slow down (host_timescale value reduces to 0.2-0.3 or so, I did test it) and immediately the screen would start fading to white. At 5 seconds everything would stop being visible, then 1 second later it would go back to normal. Even if there was a scare at the sink I wouldn't be able to go back to it fast enough in order to see it. Wait... That is NOT the sink scare. You said slow-mo doesn't activate and it's just the host_timescale that is reduced?? There is no wavy things around your screen? And you say it fades to white? Guys, this is the script from the beginning of chapter 1. Where you go off property and this happens. Why is it happening when he walks out his back door? It's the sink scare. The sink scare activates bullettime. The only resemblance to the sink scare is the splash. This event causes the screen to fade to white to the point where you can no longer see, and the timescale is reduced. This is all the same as the walking off property event. I don't have anything to say, I just wanted to quote all these quotes. Damn ya! Really interesting find there. Never had the sink scare before. I'll wait till the update. happened to me, but only once and it was at night
  8. Is the scare of the sink. if you look for the sinc when this happens she leaves him.
  9. "Look at her." he says. "How could I leave her alone like this? I must bring her inside, warm her and feed her. Oh well, I'll bring some soda and sandwich for her." I think that I've broken the game ... I shit when I saw her.
  10. you're right, but I has been lower, I just happened to 6 events in a day ...
  11. yes, F.F. exaggerates too...
  12. was playing (again) underhell. And while I was bored I decided to put cheat. i found this: and this...: very realistic, is not it?
  13. EDIT: pliz delete this post