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  1. As an option for hardcore survivalists I'd say it might be interesting.
  2. Nice
  3. Just for laughs: the inebriati
  4. Yep and the joke ran along the lines of the powers that be not wanting that speech to get out... hence no Greenlight...
  5. Matthew from Chapter 1 If you've played up to the part where he makes his speech you'll get the joke...
  6. Or maybe Matthew was right and the project won't get greenlit because of it... LOL I jest but yeah I love a good mindfuck
  7. Cheers man Yeah I like to think that Matt is a widely misunderstood character in that he seems hard on the outside but is probably soft on the inside. That's what I would like to think but only Mxthe has the answers. I just derive the notion from the way he takes Ben under his wing a bit or tries to protect him anyway from Brian
  8. Glad to see someone liked my Character lol Its the first time I've voiced an RPG character rather than just a few words of dialogue for inconsequential characters (it kind of shows especially at the beginning, I had to record in over 30 degree heat too with no fan so was a bit distracted D: ). It took me a while to understand what Mxthe wanted from the actual character and to relax and fill Matthew's mold. Matthew is someone who tends to keep his emotions in check but it was nice to see Mxthe allow for a few outbursts of emotion when Matt gets confronted by the others