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  1. That thing is very rare, I just trigger every alarm there is to trigger and cross my fingers. Sometimes the enemy eventually drop a G36 with a silencer attached, sometimes they don't.
  2. Crouching next to the vent and kill the zombie w/ a leg shot will do the trick. The problem is the AI. they turn stupid when there is too many friendlies, start lagging behind and getting themselves killed. Also, anyone notice Carl's audio files are a lil low quality? it's like there an echo, as if the dev half expect us to never saved him in the first place XD
  3. Maybe he ll help Jake to fight SHE? Some awesome ghost combat?
  4. Would be more realistic if you can loot the dropped ammo. Retention reload is also nice, dump the half empty mag into a dump pouch(or inventory) for the ammo to be reuse latter, but I imagine that will be to much work to be made possible. Also moonclips are a good option for revolvers
  5. And the MUSIC, omg the music, pratically forced me listen to it instead of staring at the boss XD
  6. I always just assume he let his boot do the talking . I REALLY like how he don't go AHHHHH like Issac, make him seem more badass. That and having a character's only reaction to any situation is shoot/kick his way out is pretty badass. Which is why I find the house sequence distracting, most of them are they are character breaking moments.
  7. BIG thanks hobo for the tip, I was wondering how to get into the gas chamber again, to look for it, turns out i was dead wrong.
  8. To get into the Gas Chamber in the BIOLABS (After activating the North Wing elevators), is that when got gassed? @TheFlyingTimbus I actually save the dude by blocking/crouching where he would killed and shoot the enemies's legs. It's still a pain to save everyone tho, since the AI turns stupid with this many npcs.
  9. I believe the hatches in the morgue is there to troll us card hunters. Forcing us to crawl thru dead bodies in a prison full of zombies, this is a ploy by the dev to made us crap ourselves. I agree w/ the jacobo the hobo, the survivors are randomized, most of the time I only find 1 out of 2 guys in the residential area, everytime i crossed my finger and hope Terry will give me a magnum.
  10. @ViolentValentine I am a noob at cvar but is the command go as: ent_fire HermitCards Ignite?
  11. Npc with subgun really help as well, save up on ammo and health
  12. I am all for a better, tougher fight, but doesn't anyone find it weird that in most games, the easier difficulties give u more weapon? I mean what is the point? You don't need em anyways, but when you do need them in tougher difficulties, you don't get any. Seem a bit counter intuitive to me.
  13. I would've thought its something different, since Micheal mention it, but I smell something fishy on the 1 in the tank.
  14. A tactical army expert who wipe out an entire battalion of PMC, legions of zombie, and bunny eared super ninjas all in a day's work.