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  1. Don't forget that locked room down the hall from the bedroom. Has anyone ever noclipped in there? Does something happen? Well, Mxthe or either someone else was obviously trying to begin work on something in there. I wonder what the room is for?
  2. (THIS IS NOT A REVIEW.) *SPOILERS BELOW* I decided to make this topic regarding some of the previous changes in Underhell compared to the 2011 version, address some of the issues for us, and discuss what we could possibly expect in the later chapters of Underhell. Feel free to draw your own conclusions aswell. First of all, compared to the 2011 version: We now have a new HUD (including a hunger-system, a "bleeding" system and a simple Inventory for quick use) We have more areas to explore in The House (i.e The Well/Sewers, The Playground, The Forest area behind the house...) A new type of "SWAT training" for players New Enemies An implemented stealth-system (for sneaking by NPCs without being instantly noticed, dragging bodies, "silencing" enemies...) New Scares ... More Weapons Different Soundtracks Various other changes ...​ ​Now, for some of our issues (some aren't really issues, more like suggestions): Optimization was a big problem for me in Underhell, and needless to say it was choppy throughout most of Chapter 1's levels. Some of the animations were blocky, but what would you expect? This mod is based off of the Source Engine, and therefore it wasn't actually a major issue for me. Though it would be nice to see more "custom" animations, perhaps. Goals - they were simple and straight to the point. I liked that. But it was always "I should" before "Get" something, or go "Find" this. Why "should" I go and do this? Oh no, maybe "I should go home and think things through." That's a good idea. The point is, maybe a tip or two would prove useful when you're about to face an angry horde of enemies. Hmm... maybe I could hide above this elevator shaft? Forgive me if I can't name every single issue in the mod or with the mod, as this is only related to the mod in general (story and gameplay wise) and not just about enemies getting stuck or the mod crashing. So feel free to correct me if i'm mistaken. And lastly, here's a few things that we could probably even expect story-wise/gameplay-wise in the later versions of Underhell: Freeroam? Since we'll most surely be playing in the city at some point in the next chapter (the city which from what i've heard is quite large) and because Chapter 1 often left you exploring different areas, almost freely) then I suppose that we'll be finding certain areas of interest, perhaps given the option to even rescue other survivors on the way too? Bryan? Be warned - spoilers ahead - incase you were ignoring everything I said earlier. Some of us could clearly see Bryan escaping along with Takeo during the very intro of Chapter 2's small opening teaser... after exiting the interrogation room. Curious, why Bryan and not anyone else? It's obvious that he was there when you were shot trying to escape, but how do we know whether Terrace or Benjamin even died (yet) during the train's journey to the surface? I keep feeling like there's more to it than just that. I don't believe that Mxthe would leave us confused like some and continue the story as the way it is. Darn you, Mxthe. Now i'm going to have dreams. New Areas in The House? - As some of you might have already known, there's very little talk about a nearby powerplant of some sort around The House. No, not right next to it! Just somewhere in the town, or perhaps even the forest... speaking of which, do you think that we'll end up exploring a more expanded area of the forest near The House in the future? What about that tunnel, after cutting through a metal fence (if you have acquired the metal pliers) somewhere in the forest? Hmm... I wonder what's back there. Leaning System would be great, for peeking around corners without getting instantly noticed. Thanks for reading, and if you read everything, props to you! (will be edited over time if needed)
  3. Alright, thanks! I appreciate it. I'll probably upload my montage once i'm done with it, and later on I may even start a new topic or come back and edit this one.
  4. Hey there, i'm JustAnotherGuy and i'm working on an Underhell montage. I need everyone's help, though. Not necessarily with making the montage, but with getting the best footage out of the clips. So I was wondering, does anyone have any suggestions? I also wanted to ask about Jake's "NPC" and how or if I could spawn him using the developer's console with different clothes. For example: his SWAT suit. Oh, and is there some sort of way to "pose" characters using different scenes/animations? Thanks in advance! Help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. My thoughts, exactly. The whole "maybe someone forced her to do this" sort of perspective. From what we can tell right now, it was a suicide. However, my suspicions tell me otherwise... i'm wondering who would do something like that though... to force her? Welp, meanwhile I hope that Jake is having a good sleep in that dumpster. I don't think that it will last forever.
  6. And this is a very good point you made here (about subconsciousness). That's right. She's evil only in Jake's mind. What happens if She gets him in The House? He wakes up! That explains pretty much. In my opinion Jake feels guilty simply because he couldn't prevent Her death. He is (or rather was ) a SWAT operative. He probably managed to save countless hostages, but wasn't able to save his own wife. Also about "Jake killed Her" theory, I completely disagree. Mainly because if it was him, he wouldn't and I don't believe that Jake is some kind of crafty scumbag. Moreover, if I think that it wasn't an ordinary suicide. Maybe She was forced somehow? I can't wait to find out. Maybe Chapter Two will bring some information. I agree that this wasn't some ordinary suicide. Also, I was probably overthinking it when I mentioned that Jake could have done something to "hurt" or kill his wife. Sorry about the confusion there. Speaking of ordinary, Frank's Killer obviously wasn't some ordinary killer. I'm not saying that they weren't Ito's men, but I would assume that they are And if i'm correct, if Ito knew Anyways, i'm sure that we'll get more information by the time Chapter Two is released! Again, I apologize for the long amount of text.
  7. I decided to start up a fresh new game of Underhell today, and then I later heard one of Matthew's conversations with Brian ^ The words that Matthew had used to describe the behavior of made me stop and think about the relationship between Jake and Her. The point is, what if Jake did something to hurt "Her" ? Is that why she is haunting him (or at least in his subconciousness)? I understand that the ending (or last few minutes) of Chapter Two's small teaser is supposed to symbolize Jake letting go of his Guilt, but I still don't see why he felt so guilty. It could be the guilt over his wife's death that may be feeling or so I have heard; I was simply assuming that it could be related to their relationship somehow. Anyone have any info or ideas regarding this? I'm getting nostalgic here.
  8. Welcome! As you can see, today's (unofficial) topic is about "Some Random Underhell Stuffz." Well, not necessarily random. Some may be eastereggs, or possibly even the silliest things developers add. For instance, this awesome sauce poster I found I'd upload more pictures here, but apparently the file size is too large to post. Anyone else encountered anything weird or interesting, during their playthrough of the mod?
  9. ~ Sometime towards the ending, when Michael sends you back to read the Journal, head toward that strange door ahead of you. The one with the bright lighting flickering off and on. Yeah. Take a closer look.
  10. Ohh, too bad. I didn't know about that video. Like a baws.
  11. Oh no! By that time I'll be old and probably won't have that much time on my hands to even play it! My beating quota has now raised to fifty.
  12. Haha. At first, me neither.
  13. Hello! This is a weird little bug I encountered with the sniper rifle while trying to defend myself from an angry horde of zombies. Here's a 10-second video I quickly uploaded to YouTube to show it: [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEs03Ci4NOU ] Ofcourse, I also wasted my magazines for no reason. Heh. I was able to make a machine gun by holding down my reload key and firing at the same time. That's pretty much how I discovered this issue. Thanks, ~ Myself
  14. Hey! After finishing Chapter One and crying in a corner shortly afterwards, I kept hoping for more. Chapter One was more scary, more brutal, and came with many improvements since the Prologue was released back in '11. The House and the area around it expanded and became more explorable, and I also got eaten by a ghoul once while visiting the sewers for the first time. Huh. I remember it like it was yesterday. Well, anyway, you get the point. But really, Mxthe, when might you consider starting Chapter Two's development? You might not have decided yet, but it would be great for us if we knew. Thanks, ~ Myself