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    I first started gaming on the Nintendo 64 with the original Super Smash Brothers and I instantly fell in love with video games. I always enjoyed Half-Life 2 mods, but when my friend told me about Underhell I was overwhelmed how amazing it was and even more amazed that the Nightmare House 2 Team was working on it. I can mostly be found either playing Underhell or playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive. However I've been busy with school so I haven't been on much.

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  1. Bryan: Shits confusing man. Alex also remarks that Terry always says Eye-toe but Takeo said Eee-toe, and they just assumed Takeo said it right. Bryan: Shits confusing man.
  2. I want to see the Hermit. Maybe he's moved to the sewers or something.
  3. Has anyone seen any scares that use the mirrors yet? (spoiler tags please) I haven't, but I'm still afraid to close the medicine cabinet or pass that mirror in the downstairs hallway. SPOILERS In The House, the downstairs mirror can shatter. Scares me every time. In Chapter 1 there's a scare. Its when your in the Residential Area on the top floor. In the bathroom where you find a card for a split second something appears in the bathtub beside you. I think its random though, I loaded and it didn't happen.
  4. The Hermits Crossbow, Spas-12 or "Lucy", Terrys Python or the Scilenced SOCOM, and of course, THE FOOT.
  5. I started to play it on hard but once I got to the gas part I had to switch it back to normal because of my crap computor.
  6. The Underhell Wiki has a page which has all of the survivors listed, however, if you watched the Underhell feature showcase he said that some survivors will not appear at all so keep that in mind.
  7. LOL

  8. The Underhell Wiki cards page has been updated and it should include ALL of the card locations. Really helped one I was looking for the card in the dumpster next to one of The Hermits living areas.
  9. I couln't fin a way to save Todd without cheating so I nocliped into the room where the zombies were (sorry Mxthe) and killed them. However, Once Matthew, Carl, Todd, and Eric got to the door which you close and put the axe between, it glitches out. The doors don't close but Matthew leans up against them as if they were. Then Carl ran out the door and died. After a few tries I was able to fix it but it still was iritating. Maybe this happend because I cheated, if it did could somemone tell me how I can save Todd?
  10. You can: 1) Attach images via "More reply options" or 2) Upload them somewhere (Because this forum doesn't like links from Steam Cloud), copy and paste direct link (to the image, not the page that contains it) to the "Image" window Any good place I can upload them?
  11. Bryan: "Do whatever you want, but I won't go down to toxic room, neither will junior." Alex: "Man, you can't give out orders like." Bryan: "You want to go into the fuckin Labs?" Alex: "No." Bryan: "Then shut the fuck up." Gets me every time.
  12. Bryan: "Man if Id known that I would have blown open the door and repeled down earlyer, but NOOOO you guys just had to make me swim throught that shit."
  13. I love that line. I've memorized it.
  14. I notice that most of the characters didn't have very many facial emotions, Jake does but everyone else's expresions are a bit lame. Because I have a crap computer I have to play with the lowest settings so maybe thats the reason.
  15. LOLS