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  1. I would like if they could edit the gun training room by switching the glock with the Socom or at least mentioning guns secondary functions and that some have silencers, as this was present in the first training room from the first release, but not in this release, and I think it would really help those who are new to the game.
  2. That would be quite a cool intro, especially if you (the runner) would spot jake uncouncious in the dumpster, and you're shot by bryan just few seconds before reaching jake. As for how I imagine chapter 2 will play out like, I imagine the gameplay will be similar to that of chapter 1, with a group of survivors moving along the city from safe house to safehous trying to escape. But now I think a day\night system might play an important role since the infected are less agresive when exposed to UV light, making them more abundant and\or more aggresive at night time. Also I feel like somewhere late in the chapter Jake will choose to return to the UDARC, to know what happened down there.
  3. Does anyone else feel like it was bit too dull? I didn't even realise where he was in my first playthrough until the train, where I wondered what happened to him, and then found out he died with Mathew, but his death is just so unnoticeable, he just falls dead, doesnt even look like he's shot, and that's the end of him. I think if he had rushed to try to save Mathew and got shot in the process, his death would've been a little more memorable, rather than just falling dead in the side which is even hard to notice.
  4. I was able to save carl by staying near to him but not todd, he died so quickly at the vent I thought he was unsaveable.
  5. While this theory of there being 2 jakes sounds really interesting, I don't really like leaning towards it very much. I like to think that you are always the same character but I think later in the game you'll find yourselve in a similar situation to that of the end of chapter 1, having your memories being projected or something, this is idea is probably a bit cliche, but my reasoning behind it is the fact that I'm still trying to make sense of the house, I mean, after chapter 1, whenever you look at yourselve from the mirror, you can see the bullet wound, and this is weird, I mean, in which point of the story would Jake come back to his house? You can understand that the house is in the infected city because you're able to see this skyscrapers that look like the twin towers from your house, and you can also see them in chapter 2, and I don't think Jake would come back to his house in a zombie city, I think the house is some sort of safe heaven in his memories, we're he can take a break, of course until his memories of his wife start haunting him. If there really are 2 jakes, why was one of them send to prison? Actually, now that I think of it, in the prologue, Frank does say that when they tracked down the choppers back to Arizona they found lots of dead bodies, could things be going in parallel events? Its just so confusing.