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  1. Hello Everyone! Im starting this topic to ask for some help. Im doing a little work about Underhell, and for this work I need some screenshoots very relevant of the game, any part of it. My Pc is having some problems with the performance if I try to set details, shadows and everything in High Resolution... so im having lots of problems with this. I would like you to help me get some screenshoots and upload it to the forums or send it to me via email. The pics must be/have: * Clean pic (no hud/subtitles) *I'll put the commands you need in the end of the note* * With an apropiate brightness/lights, Its possible to fix a saturated image, but not the opposite. * Only places/characters/scenes relevants to the game. For everyone that is going to take some pics and help me, Thank you beforehand! ** Email ** ** Commands for your help **
  2. Its ok xD
  3. And, how they die later if you save them?
  4. Thank you! :3
  5. Nice! That would be a solution, you can also try to use Source Filmmaker!
  6. So, just wanted to help to the community and Staff with some pics ^^ **EDIT** Alternative 10 version.