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  1. I tried this but still didn't fix it. The first thing I got after installing NH2 was 'surfaceproperties_ep2.txt' not found. Things are all screwed up for me Sad, because this is my all time favorite 'scary' game surfaceproperties_ep2 is another problem net coused by the materials and models. Read my reply here and se if that fixes your problem with the manifest-file: http://forums.wecreatestuff.com/index.php?/topic/2068-manifest-file-error-in-nh2/ didnt work for me, thanks though
  2. just reinstalled it, and now it wont work, i dont get an error, just after the WCS intro it closes down :c
  3. Hey, as the title says I have missing textures and errors, the walls in chapter 2 are all purple and black checkers, and some rooms have a bunch of errors in them. In chapter three there are alot of errors in the beginning with the bodies. I have all of the Half life games installed. Is there anyway I can fix this? Thanks for any answers.
  4. Ahhhh, thanks, i would have never thought of that
  5. Yes.
  6. I can't find the basement key, are there any certain things i need to do? I've completed the nightmares and gotten the metal out of the piano. If anyone can tell me thanks, i appreciate the answers.