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  1. We do not know the reason, condemned "second Jack". But, I do not think "Jack Prologue" without trial could be thrown in prison. I think that the events of the Prologue and Chapter 1 - go in parallel. "Jack Prologue": house - city - under city - kill all - police station - ? City (Chapter 2) "Jack second": prison (Chapter 1) - police station - ? City (Chapter 2) -------------- I think the prison out of town but not far. Because they went by train. Or can on the contrary, as in a film Resident Evil - base under the city, and the train leaves for out of town.
  2. To stop hearing the sounds of the fog watch credits (they're like 5 minutes long). The remaining pages will appear from chapter to chapter until the final. I finished the game completely. Then clicked a house in the game menu. (земляк, пожалуйста, пишите по русски, в спойлере, а то плохо гугл переводит)
  3. I found 16 pages of the diary - the others could not find. Game written saying that I did everything here, and hear the sounds of the fog - something like that. This means that I have done everything in the house, the remaining pages will be in the next game?