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  1. To think I was hoping to be able to run the next chapters of "Underhell" on my laptop ;___; I've completed Prologue and Chapter 1 on my previous laptop (i3 processor, 3 GB RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 graphics) with pretty steady 60 FPS (with occasional drops to about 40 FPS). If the game truly is going to be ported to UE4, I'm pretty sure it's gonna be max 30 FPS on my new laptop (i3 processor, 8 GB RAM, Intel HD 520 graphics), unless UE4 is much more tweakable than I think, but it probably isn't.
  2. Nope. More like 20h consisting of: 15h of straight gameplay with playing only through one of the possible event routes, 5h of gameplay within all those alternate routes. Anyway, this chapter's gonna be much bigger than Chapter One. Oh my... A single run through the WHOLE game (all six chapters including Prologue and Epilogue) is clearly gonna get something around 40 hours of total play time (including all the cutscenes and with paying attention to all the story-driving dialogues). It's no doubt gonna be one of the absolutely biggest and longest games created in the most recent gaming history! EDIT: If by "already 20 hours" you meant The House (at it's current state) + The Prologue + Chapter One, then I just misunderstood you. Sorry :v
  3. Right, although I think that the only element of ARC (in Jake's projection) is the fake placement of UDRC in Arizona and maybe all the buildings outside during the fake escape part. I almost agree, but I think that: the House before Hospital is the only real visit.OR the House before Hospital is also fake, BUT it contains recollections of events which happened for real: Jake answering Frank's call, packing his things and driving to the rendezvous point.
  4. So um... I won't be tagging anything as a spoiler in this topic, because of one simple reason - this whole topic is going to be one big spoiler. So if you haven't finished the game yet - go away. It's for your own good... I've decided to present my thoughts on the all three canonical The House visits. By "canonical", I mean all the visits that are triggered by story advancement, except the first one, when we actually need to click "The House" in the menu. So yeah, let's begin. VISIT #1 This is the only visit, which I believe to be a REAL visit in the game so far. It's pretty simple. Jake is sleeping, he receives a call from Frank about the hostage situation in the hospital. Then he packs his things and rushes to aid his fellow officers (and the Prologue begins). VISIT #2 Now the real fun begins. This visit happened when Jake was telling Micheal about how he was transported to the A.R.C. So what happened? In my opinion, there were two factors: fakeness of Jake "being" in Arizona, head trauma caused by the bullet. Jake probably had a seizure, a blackout or something like that. But from his perspective, he was "thrown" to the projection of The House in his own mind. He was wandering here and there, until... Micheal decided to use "Red-Green Hypnosis" (let's call it that way ). This kind of "interrogation" appears to be more stable, precise and you know. So at a certain moment, Micheal's attempt to use this kind of hypnosis was rationalized inside Jake's mind as a sound behind the fog in front of The House. After Jake walking through it, we have a solid proof for my theory - he encounters "Red-Green Doors", which is the symbol of Micheal's hypnosis. By walking through it, Jake allowed him to begin the process... and Jake continued talking about his "stay" in the prison but now... we can't see Arizona, which hints that "Red-Green Hypnosis" is working properly. Of course, when telling about his second night in the prison, Jake had another fall-out. But since this time it had only slight resemblance with The House, I'm not going to count it as a serious The House visit. Moreover, Jake recovered (walked through "Red Green Doors") from this seizure pretty fast. VISIT #3 This visit happened after Jake escaped from the police department. I think this is just a mechanical return to The House, because there's nothing more to do after the credits. Moreover, some time before jumping out of the window, Jake got rid of "Her" and The Guilt hallucinations, so I don't think that the third visit was Jake having a blackout. It seems to be just a scripted event after the credits.
  5. SLIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD Firstly, I believe I can safely divide "Her" existence between two personas: the nightmarish one and the real-life one. 1) The nightmarish persona - the hallucination present in The House and Chapter Two beginning In my opinion, it's simply PERFECT. Scary, creepy, gloomy and you know. Amazingly fills it's purpose. The only thing I'd like to see improved is the animation of her catching Jake. Oh and why I'm so sure it's just a hallucination? It's because Jake wakes up every time she catches him. 2) The real-life persona - the real wife of Jake Hawkfield AND her ghost - the real one, which we haven't seen yet Generally, it's not completely bad in my opinion, but can be MUCH better. Firstly, her face. I don't know if it's just me, but she looks just... weird. As for the photo, it seems that her face placement in relation to her neck (and maybe hair too?) is kinda unfortunate. And about her game model, the face is kinda strange too. I think it's because it lacks details and has an unnatural shape around the chin. Secondly, it's her uniform. I hope that in the future chapters, we're gonna see her in not only this classy dress. In general, I just hope that her look will match her personality eventually. Don't get me wrong. After completing the whole game I just don't want to remember her as simply another disturbing girl from cheap horror movies (yes, in this case it's all about the uniform). Oh and one more thing. I don't want this post to look like I'm criticizing developers' work. I clearly understand that we're just getting started and the whole game will eventually be seriously polished before hitting the Steam release.
  6. Sarcasm seems to be strong with this one To clarify, I don't really care how she would be dressed in next chapters (some flashbacks or something?) as long as it won't be only asian horror style dress along the whole game. This uniform just doesn't fit her in my opinion. For the nightmare version it's perfect, but for the actual Jake's wife - not so good if you ask me.
  7. You're right! It's a shame that I wasn't able to figure it out myself earlier This is not what I mean. Her face alone looks just like it's supposed to. I was talking about the strange (in my opinion at least) placement of her head in relation to the neck.
  8. SOCOM with suppressor, Colt Python, SPAS 12, MP5 (the one with red dot sight). But from these four weapons, the most badass one is Python for sure. Killing ACEs with a single headshot - priceless.
  9. But for God's sake, Tom is certainly talking about ONE "dying child", not some big-ass number of Jake's clones. So now Eastern Janus has some powers, huh? Just a reminder: as for the moment, we know NOTHING about Eastern Janus, except the facts that he was a young scientist in the times when the Chernobyl reactor was built and that he was unified with Thomas "Western Janus" Hawkfield by Raito's father and those two were working together. Well, I think I'm gonna quit this discussion. I'm just getting tired already. I've already wrote what I had to say and I have nothing more to add. So yes, I'm out.
  10. Well, I appreciate your overall support, but actually: there IS a "way that there are more than 2 Jake's". Tom wrote in his diary: which rather hints towards conclusion, that Jake was cloned not just only one time and Tom was experimenting on those clones. But of course, I'm still supporting my theory. If Tom was worried that his son was dying (I am the father of a dying child.), then it means that he loved him (and I hope that he still does) and rather couldn't exchange him for merely one of many clones. And yes, I'm still sure that we're playing as one and the same Jake, who is original (natural-born) son of Thomas Hawkfield.
  11. Wait... so you think that Raito's father unified Tom... and his clone? What the hell??? No, no, no, no. It doesn't make sense. I'm trying so hard to understand your theory. I really do... but I can't O_O What? Can you quote this certain fragment from his diary? I'm sure you just misunderstood something o_O Oh, and by the way: there are ONLY two Janus: Western Janus and Eastern Janus. We already know that Western Janus' real name is "Tom Hawkfield". We don't know who is Eastern Janus yet.
  12. And you're completely right. It was even directly said by the policeman: we already know what happened from the moment he was shot in the head and we took him in. Correct. Moreover, if we don't play as one and the same person, everything would lose its sense, including: events involving Jake in the Prologue, Chapter One and Chapter Two intro, most of Ito's speeches towards Jake, Danko's state. To Sam_Ja: It's possible that I misunderstood your statement about the accident. If that's the case, then read on. So you meant that the accident was just the same type of event like the massacre at the end of the Prologue, right? Sadly, I can't agree with that too. When you're murdering everyone in sight, it's rather hard to say that you "barely made it out there alive", right? Also, if the first exposure was the second and the second was the third, then something's not right. If Jake was exposed before the Prologue, then his exposure in the Prologue should give the same effect as the one in Chapter One. Namely: no effect. Here's what I think of it: Some time ago (maybe nine years) Jake was involved in an accident, which gave him immunity to the virus. Tom, afraid of losing his only son (not counting the clones, on whose Tom was experimenting after all), put Jake under care of his best and most trusted friend - Frank Greene. Years passed. The Prologue began. Jake was exposed to the virus for the first time. Though he was immune already, the first contact had its consequences anyway: Jake entered some rage-state and murdered everyone in sight, then passed out. Some events from Chapter One took place. Jake was exposed to the virus for the second time. He was still immune and Ito expected Jake to enter another rage-state, but nothing happened, because the reaction from the Prologue was just one-time shock response.
  13. Now my brain hurts really bad. Jake met Frank for the first time BEFORE joining SWAT and AFTER the incident. I don't know how such details could escape your attention. Giving Jake to Frank was the main outcome of the incident after all, which was clearly stated by Tom in The Dreams. So according to your theory, the plot goes as follows: Jake is given to Frank without a reason. Jake joins SWAT. Jake meets "Her" for the first time. "She" dies. Jake picks up Frank's call and the Prologue begins. Jake murders a lot of people after being exposed to the virus, because he's a clone of his father (!!!). Tom takes Jake with him... and puts his son AGAIN under Frank's care. My mind just hurts too badly to think of anything more.
  14. Why do you think that the original Jake (which I believe we're playing as) must be someone's clone? What if he is a completely normal, natural-born human being, hmm? Well, in my opinion - if one exists - we play as a completely original Jake. Here's my question again: would you take better care of some clone of your son, instead of your original, natural-born and most beloved child? Of course in Jake's case, taking better care of him meant putting him under Frank's care, to avoid exposing him to more dangerous incidents, like the one Tom's talking about with Frank right before abandoning his son (There was an accident and Jake barely made it out there alive or something like that). And you think that this letter supports "Jake is Tom's clone" theory? Why? If he would really be Tom's clone, he'd have exactly the same blood and RH typing as his father. In reality however, Jake's blood data was "unknown", which is rather one of the results of the incident (yes, yes. The one Tom's talking about), than an outcome of being a clone.
  15. Ah you see, the problem is that if something didn't occured to Jake yet - it's not present in The House. In Chapter Two intro, there was no moments when Jake could clearly state something like "So I see many zombies. City is overrun, k" Epic example: during the 2nd visit to The House, technically Jake should have the scar too, but he didn't. Why? Cause his mind was still in pieces after the headshot. "Red-Green Hypnosis" not only allowed Micheal (and the others) to know what happened after Jake's rampage in the Prologue, but refreshed our protagonist's memory too.
  16. Please, delete this post.
  17. Then it's their problem I'm afraid. No one's forcing anyone to like the voice of any character. For example: in "Silent Hill" our protagonist is voiced and no one gives a sh*t if some people don't like the voice, yet this game is one of the best titles of the genre. Yes, I know but still... it's awkward when (for example) , but Jake's unable to utter a single word.
  18. Hmm... Then we have two possibilities: After falling onto the ground (or into a dumpster or something else) Jake lost his consciousness, thus "returned" to The House. The scar is just a nice detail. Something tells me that the first option is correct.
  19. Exactly. And Tom is WESTERN Janus, not Eastern. Anyway, I wonder who Eastern Janus is. Maybe he had something to do with "Her" suicide? Yeah, I know this theory is just too crazy
  20. I don't think so. Would you give some random clone of your son to the care of someone trusted (in order to give your son the best chance in life), instead of your own, original son? There's no doubt Jake was cloned, but (for now) I'm sure that we're playing as the original one. Wh... what? So you think that Jake is his father's clone and this is "a pretty solid theory"? Don't get me wrong, I don't want to debase your thoughts but seriously... what makes you think this way?
  21. Alright then. Terry says to Ben "We don't do thieves or rapists here. Only the craziest sons of bitches..." and then he takes a look at Jake Matt: "Has anyone briefed Jake on the situation?" Bryan: "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll take care of it. Jake, look, you're ready for this? Alright there it is: we're fucked. That was it. Now, he's briefed." And of course, almost every Hermit's monologue
  22. Seems pretty logic. I only hope that this "passage of time" will be included in the game Moreover, we need to remember that there's also Jake's guilt. He wasn't able to save "Her". If she (the REAL ghost) would appear and calm Jake down - let's say, at the end of Chapter Four - it would be really relieving. We already know that "Her" so called "suicide" wasn't an ordinary one. There's no doubt she killed herself... but maybe someone forced her to do this? If Jake would get revenge on the person responsible for this, maybe he would get rid of some part of his trauma (and guilt) and finally start talking? Well, that's for sure.
  23. Maybe at some point (in the Epilogue maybe?) Jake will deal with "Her" death -> get rid of his trauma -> finally start talking? As Mxthe implied, it's hard to get a voice actor for the entire time of game development... but if Jake would "regain" his voice only in Epilogue, it would be possible! And seriously... I'm not downgrading Jake's tragedy, but still... he lost "only" one person. Meanwhile, Hermit But this guy still seems to enjoy his life! He's even talking, making jokes and everything! I hope we're going to witness Jake being reconciled with his life (and talking), just like Hermit is. At least in the Epilogue. I really can't imagine Jake being silent till the end of the game :/
  24. Hmm... I'm not entirely sure if my idea is good to be posted in this topic, but I'll give it a try. I think it would be good if the standalone Steam release would make us able to replay any chapter while being in The House (without deleting The House and The Dreams data, including achievements and diary pages), once it's been completed at least once. Just like with the tutorial. And by "chapters", I mean the Prologue and the Epilogue too. Technically, they're chapters too. How do I see that? Imagine we're just starting our game. We're in The House, nothing completed yet and we're entering the garage. One of the walls would have six hangers attached to it, corresponding to the Prologue, four chapters and the Epilogue. All the hangers are empty for now, but after completing the Prologue - voilĂ ! - some item (symbolising the Prologue) would appear on the first hanger. Pressing "use" on it would start the Prologue. And so on with the chapters and Epilogue! Of course "hangers and items" is just an example. This can be as well "frames and paintings", "glass-cases and items", etc. If this would work out, the classic "chapter selection" screen could be entirely removed from the game, which would make it even more unique as a standalone title running on Source engine.
  25. I'm adding two more expectations: so basically, it would be very nice of "Her" to make a REAL appearance. You know, the actual ghost of "Her", not some evil monster from Jake's subconscious (I'm taking The House appearances as delusions too, cause Jake wakes up every time "She" catches him). We already know how Jake is scared of "Her", probably being afraid that She's extremely angry at him and wants to kill Jake. Now, it would be nice to know if Jake has a point with his "predictions". If you ask me, I hope not. it would be really nice (in my opinion at least) to finally know "Her" name. Seriously, how long we're supposed to call her "She" or "Her"? Moreover, she's not some secret agent or something, as her name is surely well known to Jake, Jessica, Mia, Josh etc.