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  1. Unfortunately, issues with this game are still chasing me. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling a fresh copy for ALL 3 of the work arounds explained here. None of them will work. The first one the game functions, but will either show me floating errors everywhere. As the for next 2, every time I use the CMD and follow the instructions, it always tells me that "VPK.exe" has stopped working. I ignored that for the time simply thing it was because this is quite honestly the worst kind of work around feasible. Following the instructions from 2 and 3 only yeild the same results if I hadn't even tried using any of the work arounds: Launch game, "We Create Stuff" Loading Screen. Crash.
  2. Any recommendations on what the hell went wrong here? I clicked 'Don't move" for every file individually. I made an account just so I could post this. So sorry if I'm out of the loop. Not just limited to that, some floor textures won't load, but collisions still work. The elevator part right after you pick up the pistol, the doors don't exist, and you clip through the floor of the non-existant elevator when you step through them. Doors to the kitchen are say "error" and flip-flop at the right times, but you can walk through each of them. Tones of sensil outlines of things that should be there, floors outright won't load textures, but can still be walked on. No Checker-Textures, just transparent or "error".