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  1. Hi i have had this game for a long! time and there is a bug that i feel has never been fixed! im at the part where you have to rescue the hostages and bring each one back to the safe zone. But after bringing the last hostage to the safe zone. Nothing happens. Its like it does not register and i am STUCK and cant move on!! Please HELP! i have been looking everywhere on forums for a fix. I have tried restarting at an earlier part of game to lead up to the hostage part and the same thing keeps happening. The game does not register the last hostage and the game does not progress.
  2. What if i installed and played this game on WindowsXP 32bit instead. Would that make a difference? I cant stand it when my FPS cuts in half for no reason. There has to be a way to stop it
  3. Hello, I just now installed this game and in the options menu, Under video/advanced, the "Multicore Rendering" option does not bring up a pull-down menu when i click on it. It's BLANK! I need this turned on in order to give me maximum frame rates. Before you ask, Here are my Specs: CPU i73960x GPU: 3X GTX 680 Classifieds 4GB HDD: SSD Audio: Sound Blaster Titanium HD Memory: 24gb I play the game on MAXIMUM Graphics Settings. My system is way overkill for this game and my frame rates suffer because i cant turn on Multi Core Threading in game. I have tried to run the game with 1 CPU enabled in taskmanager and all 6 enabled and it did not improve the frame rate in certain areas. I downloaded Underhell Version 1_1.2 Dont know if thats the latest. Is there a way i can enable it via a config file? PLEASE HELP as the frame rate issues make me not want to play