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  1. omg it's here! 10 years after hl2 launched! and still no hl3... So, who's ready to play hl2 since the start and them finish on ep2 (speedrunners are not even gonna take a day for that challenge..)
  2. So, I want to play through the entire storyline. Does nightmare house 2 countains nightmare house 1? Or where can I download it?
  3. Ok, firstly when I downloaded the game there was that error scripts/surfaceproperties_manifest.txt (something like that), them I fixed it (the game entered the loading screen but them it gives a error at the loading screen) Ok so now that I fixed that error the game just closes itself even before launching the loading screen. Anyone know what am I missing? I verified the integrity of both source sdk base 2007 and 2013 singleplayer, half life 2, + ep1 and ep2.
  4. Oh :/ That's sad. EDIT: I think here, and is actully good! A remastered version would be awesome!
  5. Did you guys looked at the menu? It shows all the story! Jake and "she" are in a party at their house (or some reunion, don't know), and jake keep waiting for "her" to dress up (womans..). After a long time, he goes check and see that "she" is at the bathroom taking a shower on loads of blood, he cries. Jake didn't liked that, he keep remembering his friends, his family, but after all, he can't miss her -Why you did that to me? He throwed a painting on the wall. -Why can't I have a normal life??? (My interpretation, it was all on the main menu.)
  6. unable to load manifest file 'scripts/surfaceproperties_manifest.txt' I got that strange error today, never happened before. Anybody have a fix?
  7. Hey underhell team and community, when you are escaping whit terry and ben (I think this are their name, the chief of security and the computer master), ben asks terry why the elevators are bullet and rocket proof. Them terry answer: "-What does the design of the core reminds you off?". And them ben stay quiet and terry don't give an answer. So why is the core or the design of the core supposed to be, or "remind me of"?
  8. oh men, can't wait for steam release!
  9. thanks. (lol 1 map)
  10. hey, they should add it. They promise on the begin of the game. (If they do that I will complete underhell prologue, hurrr terrifining). I have watched a livestream of a guy playing outside the garden. Men this game is bigger than I tough.
  11. Spoiler warning of a scare, if you haven't looked at the scare of this room don't read this, or read if you want, wathever. So, one time I looked on a video where when you do the scary that "she" leaves the bathroom "she" was on that door (it was barely opened). Does someone know if there is something on the black part, because I didn't see nothing. Or it is another scary that has nothing to do with the bathroom scary? Also, another question. On the start of the game the game says: "For every mistery there is an answer for every door is there a key" So is there even a way to open this door?
  12. An option of also "stealthing" on the boss battle, if you like disable the alarm or something like that would be so cool!
  13. yes, you also would want to make the silencer be more "silenced" (if you know what I mean), just to be sure it is realistic. Also, an good animation of like putting your hand on the enemy's mouth would be cool.
  14. So, I know that on the prologue there is a part where you can hold 2 pistols. Can you guys please add a way to "dual hold" 2 pistols on the main game? like an option if you see another on the ground and choose to dual weld it?
  15. I mean like, if you find another wep while holding one, you have an option on the screen to collect the ammo or dual weild. If you dual weild, when you drop this will be the single entity. Don't know if it's possible to do on the source engine, but would be cool.
  16. I just saw this when looking for new half life 2 comics after I was looking to hl3-related jokes. I just started reading chapter 1 and, well, the character looks like the same to underhell just by the photo. I'll start reading and post some theoryes here, but this comic seems to be very good too! Hope you guys read too, we can discuss about some things and share opinions.
  17. Well, this isn't really a problem. If you can get some help from people, you can do wathever you want.
  18. yes, I prefer crossbow than melee because even with that they can break my entire stealth process.
  19. Yeah, likely, a story behind what happened before underhell. That would be awesome. There is a half lfie 2 fan-made comic (funny tough), that tells the entire story before half life 2. they just got out of the hl2 universe sometimes (example: on the ending there was a guy saying "-hey let's take the train to the episode one!"), and there is even an official made comic for the portal series explaining the start of portal 2. Also, valve always do comics when they launch a new wep for tf2 (an exception of one time they did an SFM movie). Hey, so why don't you guys start a contest for the best comic? there is a lot of side history in underhell! edit: link: note that this was made on 2005 and until the day of today (or 2009, don't remember).
  20. if stuff did not happen try this (on the game's house): take a parper and a pencil and write "i love 666" paint your front house with an eye and a triangle and write "illuminati house" make a devil ritual on your house throw her stuff into some fire of the devil ritual kill yourself and wake up call some religion maniac and ask him to put "her" inside your mind. PS: that above was jokes. Serious text begins now The stealth system for underhell is pretty serious, now let's compare payday 2 stealth with unedrhell stealth: payday 2: a guard takes a year to notice you underhell: "Target spoted!" payday 2: even with a silencer, all the weps are really loud and even if you shoot, people will don't give a fuck about it underhell: even that pistol with a silencer will attract some atention. WITH A SILENCER! payday 2: alarm goes, you can't hide underhell: yuo can still hide, but the people will still try to find you payday 2: guards can scream all over the building if you kill them and the people will be like: "ah that was nothing.." underhell: if you kill someone all the guards will go check it out. payday 2: if a civilian hasn't looked at you and if you scream to him "GET DOWN!" he won't give you attention underhell: if you try to make a distraction and one guard see you, there goes the alarm. Just saying, tough.
  21. it looks like a crossover, just saying tough.
  22. Hi, I was on offline mode trying to fix another mod, and them I accidentaly changed the content of the underhell gameinfo.txt (only the searchpaths though). So can someone upload to me a new gameinfo.txt? that will be nice.
  23. thanks.
  24. Oh thanks, never though will be that.
  25. Hi underhell team, I see one of the things that you guys do the must is to put that camera showing another thing example: start of boss battles When the guy whit glasses get killed Discussions whit the entire zoo keepers and etc I try to see where i can do this, but there is only tutorials showing the actual camerra for the mirror that you guys do (first time I think it was a linked portal door xD), but what is the entity you guys used and where I can find a tutorial?