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  1. Again, this is just a theory. Yeah A Game theo- oh wait
  2. Or either that,The wind speed just making a crappy theory since the sniper looked far away (not too far) but you know, cuz realism.
  3. Uhm, you propably forgot or ignored the part where was stated that escape with an explosion in the end wasn't real. yeah sorry I wasn't thinking that time :l
  4. well some of the scares are my scariest moments and some of the dreams levels annoyed me the most.
  5. *insert tf2 reference here*
  6. Oh umm Clearly responding to the underlined words,Terry and Ben already Died In the EXPLOSION (during the escape) meaning that they Failed to do what they had todo.
  7. On my first game when i was new to it both of them were still alive and I had No idea that they Would die at that point of the story Second Time playing the chapter both of them were still alive. third time playing,tried to do alternet stuff,Todd died By tripping (zombies caught him through the vents but his body wasnt getting dragged),I Thought putting the axe through the door was just apart of the game.