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  1. Mostly scary and not annoying, but the segment of containers and catwalks about halfway through exploring the prison is seriously one of the best surival horror levels I've played in a long time. The entire time you're engaging enemies from multiple directions, all by yourself, while having to conserve your ammo. The best part of the whole thing is there don't seem to be all-out infinite zombies in that segment, just a butt-f*** ton of infected you have to take on singlehandedly while making sure to A. Not get yourself trapped, B. Conserve your ammo and C. Not running out of energy. Directly scariest though, I have to say the run through the blackened out prison with basically only the light of a guard's flashlight to illuminate the way unless you decide to studpidly stop and point your own. As for most annoying, I have to say some of the dream segments annoyed the hell out of me. Grey was the last mod to really freak me in general, especially the first in a long time to do so using the "dreamlike" sequences that now seem common in source horror mods. In comparison, the dream sequences in underhell are nowhere near as freaky even if they seem to try their best. Some of them do feel drawn out.