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  2. During playing of Chapter One you can find a clues that you aren't in Arizona but in the faclity under city where Prologue ended. But Terry's speak about Code Red lead to huge misleading. Terry's speak lead to think that he described UDRC terorist attack and all events are now set in ARC but this is wrong. Later in Chapter One you can find a very obvious clues that Chapter One takes place in UDRC.
  3. Was there HL3 as well? And i wonder if all of Underehell chapters were out in 2020?
  4. Underhell - Steam release 2015?

    1. ViolentValentine


      Unlikely at this point

  5. I believe that Jake was captured after Berserk and send to prison in Level 0. I most agree with your others notifications.
  6. Dreamfall Chapters Book Two Rebels March 10, 2015

  7. UDRC came first; it could be on the other side of town. Then Jake is sent to the ARC. Chapter 1 here. Michael puts Jake in a trance at the end of the Prologue. Chapter 2 intro here. So the two can potentially exist. It can't be because ARC is supposed to be in Arizona. Prologue - Hospital, Mall, UDRC Level 5, Berserk (capture and send to prison in Level 0) Chapter One (flashback) - UDRC Level 0, UDRC Level 1, UDRC Level 2, UDRC Level 5, Warehouse (shot in the head and capture by SWAT) Chapter Two (the end of flashback) - Police Station, Dead City,
  8. I have completed Underhell another time. Some notifications: 1. There are several clues in Chapter One that Jake is in UDRC, not ARC: - In Level 2 Oxygen Room there is conversation between Terry and Ben and Ben questioning the sense about a prison in middle of the city, - in Level 2 Mainframe monitors show view of the city, - in Level 5, the room where Matthew was killed is similiar to the room where SWAT found Jake at the end of Prologue, - Level 5 offices are similiar to UDRC offices from the end of Prologue, - During City Void, Jake can see a huge hole under the city, - Policeman said that thanks to Jake's story they found a way to enter the faclity and Jake wasn't send to Arizona so they found entry to UDRC, 2. Random thinks: - When Michael said "So tell me Jake" the flashback starts, - Jake wrong think that PMC captured him in Police station and send to ARC, - escape from ARC was mind fantasy, - thanks to some conversation between inmates you can learn that Hermit lived in faclity since build of it, - Hermit is very important character - in his lair you can notice newspapers with article about firing of his house - his house is similiar to The House, - The House isn't real - its a place in Jake's mind (everytime when Jake was sleeping or was in trouble he shift to House) - after 3rd reading of Tom H Journal you can see firing of The House, - after 4th reading of Tom H Journal you can see Guilt in test tube, - the infection started in ARC - Terminus can be a source behind it, - at first there was outbreak in ARC then there was another in UDRC, - terrorist attack in city was a cover for PMC actions in UDRC, - the city seems to be based on New York (Twin Towers, NYC registration tablets on police cars), - after Berserk Jake was captured and send to prison in Level 0, - the scene where SWAT found Jake after Berserk was set after escape from the faclity, - we don't know what happend with Jake between shoot in the head and found by SWAT, - Jake somehow knows about ARC because he set his memories from UDRC into ARC,
  9. Not just that. Hermit's and Tom's voices are too different. Besides, I don't think Tom is that old right now, if he's alive. I think that Hermit is somehow releated to Jake/Hawkfields. And firing of his house has some relation to The House. During last playing of Underhell i learn that Hermit lived in the faclity since build of it.
  10. Unlikely. No clear hints for that. Hermit can be Tom Hawkfield who went into shadows after "incident down there". But as you said there isn't much info to support this.
  11. Dreamfall Chapters Book Two Rebels Coming Soon!

  12. 1. Terry 2. Ben 3. Bryan 4. Junior 5. Hermit 6. Matthew 7. Takeo Terry is best character. I like his character development. And voice actor is awesome! Terry is smart, super lead of survivors who knows much about Company, faclities, PMCs etc. I hope that he (and Ben) escaped the faclity and will return in next chapters.
  13. I can see inspirations from: Half-Life/Half-Life 2 Left 4 Dead Doom 3 Resident Evil Silent Hill Alan Wake F.E.A.R
  14. I have an idea that Hermit can be part of Hawkfield family...
  15. I think that House isn't real and Jake was never really there during game. Jake shifts to House everytime when he is sleeping or is in very danger. I think that House is a place in Jake's mind. The House can be releated to Hermit's house which was fired.