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  1. ^ broken. it keeps giving me corrupted files.
  2. FUCK this game. 3 days trying to get this piece of shit to work. These people can't release something that works.oh no they cant even make a proper mod that doesnt require a shitload of complicated bullshit to get it to work. I followed everything in the guide, all the work arounds all the fixes, downloaded all the source kits, reinstalled uninstalled reinstalled and nothing. these assholes just made a bullshit mod and just abandoned it. Not even tried to fix it. We Create Stuff? no, "We Create Broken Stuff". I tried so hard to play this game, to get it to work, but I can't. I give up. 3 days straight and nothing. And that Nightmare House Fixed download is BROKEN. It keeps downloading corrupted files for me. So Fuck it.
  3. I tried this and I cant get the game to run properly. I keep getting errors where trees and objects should be. I TRIED EVERYTHING in the stupid useless guide they posted and even this and nothing. Why would these people release a broken game and not fix it knowing there are so many people with this problem? No they ignore it and say the hell with it. They don't give a damn. Just release a bunch of guides to force people to go through hell to get a freaking mod game to work. pos
  4. These people should be ashamed releasing a game so broken and yet not fix it after such a long time. I have ALL the half life and half life 2 games and I cant get this game to run. I tried all the fixes and still nothing. You'd think after so many people complaining about issues getting the game to run and all the errors they keep having that these people would have fixed the game by now by adding these files to the installation and not force people to jump through flaming hoops to get the game to work.