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  1. Hm....Okay. But where HERMIT and his toy TURTLE on arts?! >:c
  2. No, I found new.

  3. I can't find another avatar >:c

  4. Hello @Mxthe (It works?) and other pepole people! I have few questions about Chapter Two of Underhell. 1. This chapter (second) would be mod for S-SDK 2007 or Official game on source engine like Stanley Parable and some other projects? 2. Chapter need HL2? 3. This final chapter or no? 4. At this chapter we can see old good characters - Bryan, Alex (Maybe in zombie role?), Terry, Mike (SWAT), Hermit (BEST CHARACTER) and his TURTLE, Benjamin, Matthew (Maybe he alive?)...(Idk more) 5. We would playing in city or again in A.R.C?! 6. And finale.... you would add new WEAPONS and other things? (Food, drinks) 7. Really finale! You would add scripts for items? Food - eat. Bandages - bandaging... @Mxthe (It works?)