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Found 4 results

  1. I love the underhell and i heard, that there will be a steam release. When does the steam release come out?
  2. I guess there won't be much use of it anyway, since Underhell will be on Steam one day.
  3. So I'm just wondering... I restart UnderHell a lot of times to replay the dreams. In the first dream you encounter a monster right after you read a note on the table. But this time, the monster didn't appear, so I took a flare with me and went out to the the lamp in the main room. I then saw the monster standing towards the light, and as a panic reaction, I threw the flare right at it, so It started to burn The monster started to whirl its arms while on fire (like when you put a zombie on fire in HL2), and then it died and... blew up. It literally blew up, and then I woke up. Does that affect something? 'Cause to be honest, It's getting pretty quiet in the house, and there isn't really any more scary events happening
  4. After playing the Underhell mod, I decided to check out what Jake's wife really looks like. This is the result after I spawned to models in Gmod : It includes Jake's wife with two versions, undead ones, and pale white ones. Of course, and a midget underhell girl with a big ass mouth. (The models appeared when you in the attic and the bathroom at night in prologue.) WIFE: HE FORGOT TO TAKE A BATH YESTERDAY! JAKE: How did she... wtf? I hope now the mod does not seem to be that scary for you all. Original post on FacePunch,