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sirwillis said:

NeatNit said:


new avatar!
This should have been in the You Create Stuff Portal Screensaver thread.

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This thread used to be vs bots, who were not actually bots, and it is now an off topic chaos. Locked, unstickied.

Edit: Unlocked it. It's just a shame to drop this thread. You can keep posting, if it's about aforementioned software. If I see the OT posts here increasing I will lock it again.

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Woah, hey, this thread may have ORIGINALLY been vs bots (which obviously didn't work at the time, but the ones it was against WERE in fact bots), but it has grown to something much much more than that! Why, just yesterday I found myself looking here for that super-simple music player (because I remember that on the same site there was a super-simple calculator), and I would never have found it if it wasn't for this thread!

Tell you what - I'll try making a new thread (in a different forum first) and take over the entire first page, and use links and categories and all that. I'll make sure every program gets it's space, I'll try to add pics, but please, this thread is important!

(Sorry for the delay in posting this ><)

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