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I got portal about 2 days ago. I had fun and all, but in the console, I barely even figured out any commands for it.

I basically know:



and sv_cheats 1.

Can someone post the console commands?

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Firstly, the General Forum is more suited.

As for console commands, Google is your friend.



All commands are done via the console. They must be enabled via the console option on shortcut, or enabled through the in-game options under the Advanced section of Controls. It is then accessed by pressing ~. (Note: Most of these require sv_cheats to be set to 1.)

change_portalgun_linkage_id #

Replace # with 0, 1, 2, or 3. This allows for separate sets of portals to be created.


Creates a Weighted Storage Cube for your use.


Fires an energy ball that can be used in solving puzzles.

sv_portal_placement_never_bump 1


sv_portal_placement_never_fail 1

Portals can be placed on almost any surface.


Will allow use of second portal placement.

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Those are the basics, yes. If you wan to find some tons of commands, type find XXX (if XXX is more than one word then "XXX"). It will show every command which includes XXX in it or in it's explanation, and give an explanation. Should find the most useful for portal if you look for find portal. Good luck!

Also, if you want an explanation for a specific command: help XXX.

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