Works: Playing the map pack with P:First Slice :)

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Steam folder I-Steam apps I  I-(username) I    I-portal I      I-portal I        I-bin I          I-client.dll I          I-server.dll I        I-maps I          I-graphs I          I-soundcache I            I-testchmb_a_##(_advance).cache I            I-testchmb_a_##(_advance).manifest I        I-cfg I        I-DownloadLists I        I-resource I        I-save I        I-screenshots I      I-hl2 I      I-bin I      I-platform I      I-patches I      I-hl2.exe

Alright, this is quite similar. Here's what you need to do:

1. Extract the file as if you have the full portal into the portal folder, just the way it says in the readme

2. Go to SteamApps/(username)/portal/portal/maps

3. Change the filename from portaltfv1.bsp to testchmb_a_00.bsp

4. Start up Portal: The First Slice

5. Start a game with the first chapter

Note: You'll probably have to exit the game after finishing every map and rename the next. For example, when you finish the first map exit the game, go back to SteamApps/(username)/portal/portal/maps and rename testchmb_a_00.bsp to anything else, and rename portaltfv2.bsp to testchmb_a_00.bsp, and then start the game again.

By the way, this is just what the OP said, so it's not my fault if it doesn't work.

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