I need some people's help for an amazing video idea

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Hello to you all!

I have this cool idea for a video having lots to do with P:TFV, and I need lots of help.

I'm going to pick one or two people, who will please help me with some things:

1) I am not a serious person, and whatever I do if I don't LOVE it I quit. I am going to need someone reminding me and actually FORCING me to do it. Believe me, it'll be worth it (according to plans)

2) Some awesome video editing, and syncing for a song.

3) I need the boss from the Map Pack drawn in P:TFV style.

4) I need the person/people to be more serious than I am, for number 1 :ftwtf:

5) What else did I need? Oh, yeah. Some help with making cool levels. I have the basic needs, but I CANNOT draw, and I need someone to do it for me.

6) Right, one more thing. I'll need some recordings from the original FV, exactly as I say they should be :P. My computer cannot record that smoothly.

That's about it. Note that it might get cancelled, I did not ask for permission to use the song yet (but I'm sure I'll get it :D)

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:P it's going to be a music video, with The Device Has Been Modified, but not just lame :P it's going to be so good (if all goes well) that it might even get in the game :P

But my imaginations goes wild, when I can almost never make it come to life. That is why I need people to help me. I have no talent but imagination. Except when it comes to GMod, then I have an imagination block ><

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Ok, thanks.

Well, I'd like to help but I'm in a similar situation to you - I can't get a smooth recording, I can't draw, oh and I can't run P:TFVMP - utterly useless.

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