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Thank You, you are amazing.

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I haven't heard about you since a year ago, and I've been extremely pleased with all of your work. I'll Split this feed back into project sections.


how retarded are you guys? Clips of 1 guy stomping his feet to epic sound effects when a 3rd pops up?

A guy's missile crashes his plane, and when he gets out he yells, "Yay!"? And then the missile hits him?

The cloud poops a missile, which blows up half the earth?

And my favorite yet - that small clip with a soccer player, flash explosion, and then he falls down.

How random are you guys?

The amazing smoothness of your animation greatly amazed me, I can't imagine how much effort you put into it. The music for your movies has a perfect mix of epic tunes and random, real, songs (And outbursts of Jamiroquai). I do not know where you got your sound effects, but nevertheless the were placed very well in the development of the movie.


Small bugs, but greatly entertaining as well. The level creation was very intuitive here. I found times where split second decisions had to happen, and there is a great element of the strategy. It is too bad the idea was of 'Portal'. If it wasn't you would get more paragraphs of rave.

Alex, your animations are very fluid! I found no jerky movements in the character, and all the jumps and runs looked very natural(For an insanely buff prison dude). The coloring was very pleasing, and did not cause any clash in the players eyes. Music also was used very well, and the notes worked well together in that aspect too.


I have not tried the mods, because I have no time to play those games in my busy life. I am quite sure they are very good, because of the amazement that comes from these two projects.

We Create Stuff, continue to dazzle us with your animation, artwork, computer science, and design, and I will be very pleased. You have made us all very happy.

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Thanks for the kind words! It means a lot for us to see fans taking their time to write us. Keep an eye on us, we have more stuff coming up! I believe 'Alex' means Hen, he's the famous animator you're talking about who replied above this post :)

I'm inviting you to stick around the forums too. We're not huge, but it's a part of what's making it unique at this time.

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