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  1. 1. How often would you like the blog to be updated

    • Every few days.
    • Every week or two.
    • Every month.
    • The current state is fine (what we define as 'every worthy update').

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I'm hearing you all in the status bar. Let's vote.


#4 means keeping the current rate of posting. It means when we feel we have something worthy to show. However we may fail to see your perspective, and the last thing we want is you to think we're dead. That's why this poll is going on:

#1-3, will eventually lead us to put more effort in the blog. It does not mean we will post useless crap, it means we will put more effort in publicity through our blog.


Q. Why aren't we posting more often?

A. Because we're shy. We have lots to show, but we're trying to keep the balance. Perhaps we are wrong about where it stands, so help us figure it out! :)

That's it. Additional comments are welcome.

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Every few days is far too frequent if you ask me - you all have lives and there will be gaps of a few days where no interesting progress is made on anything.

I think the way you dish out snippets of content on the blog at the moment makes some people hooked (for example, Nh2 has lots of fans who jump at any screenshot) but doesn't work for everyone (for example, the people who ask if Nh2 is dead).

Then again, it's impossible to please everyone..

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Every two weeks or so is pretty much all I have to say. Not too little, not too much.

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i think that the blog posts should be updated every 1-2 weeks just to see progress, i don't necessarily care about pictures of the game (although i have all the media pics rotating as my wallpaper) but i care more about how close it is to done, like when hen said NH2 was ~80% done

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