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Thanks :) According to the counter I implemented in game... we're past million. Hurray!

Overview of Echoes Act 1


This is great, congratz Ido.

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Greetings, I hail you all. I wounder how many hits "we" have now. I know I am not a part of "we" but I like to feel that way sometimes. No need to take legal action. Maby by now we have over a billion. By the way, the highscore table does not work and I would love to be able to view my high scores.biggrin.gif You also have to click before you can move after a scean is over but if you do not it does not scroll down. I am not really one for making these types of games... yet. I am on my way; I am starting with text based games. Some day I hope to know as much as most of you know.Green_Colorz_PDT_33.gif But hey! On the bright side maby you can help me along? Please? By the way I got a 1 TB drive for my birthday on friday the 18th. I am only 15 too. I love my parents...

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