bug or secret?

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i dont know is this important but i wanted to go to lvl 0 from lvl 23 i typed in console a command to go to lvl 0 so i can start again xD

i was thinking that lvl 0 is the first level but when i get there i just found a ground without ANYTHING and some words on the screen... the text was zomgowned?! lol xD i was thinkin i just got rickrolled but if this is a bug fix it please or if its a playground dont fix it i will use it ^_^ if you look better you will see a text...


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lol its awesome i just created a turret bomb :P awesome playground! but it should be better if there was a button on the menu "play multiplayer on playground" so we can enjoy playing this playground together ^_^ that should be "portal 2 : multiplayground" xD

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