Appreciation for WCS (and Valve) & question on maps

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First off, thanks to you for creating and supporting Portal and the flash versions. I finally got Portal on steam, and without being able to get Portal 2, I searched and found the Portal TFV, and the MapPack. Awesome :D

I hope Valve and WCS continue to expand on this sort of game! Puzzle Dimensions is another good mental and quality graphics game.

My question is this...

I saw quite a few other Portal Maps for download on this page - Portal for PCs - Downloads page

The list starts with the 40.3MB Flash Version Map Pack, and 14 other Maps follow.

Are any of these other Maps not integrated within the Flash Version Map Pack?

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All of the other maps are totally unrelated to We Create Stuff :) They're just other maps created for Portal.

Will installing them cause any conflict with the WCS map? I wouldn't want to mess the best!

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