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Chamber 10 I think

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I think it is chamber 10 or 15...

Entering the room, forward there is a short wall, with a anit-portal ray shield above extending to the ceiling.

The back of the room has a tall wall, with an extended plate at the top of the wall.

To the left is a doorway and stairwell. The stariwell angles 90* and continues, leading to a pit drop. At the top of the starwell is also a open doorway to view the larger room.

The strategy appears to be:

exit portal on extended plate

entry portal at bottom of pit

fall into pit, exit from plate... before touching ground, shoot new entry portal into floor

the continued momentum should project you beyond the short wall.

However, I have only been successful at this once. My last dozen+ attempts weren't successful.

I have tried, to shoot an entry portal into ground an additional time, but targeting the floor and shooting before I hit isn't too easy.

Is there some trick or precise placement that is required for this chamber? or should say, this strategy?

There is another chamber before this one, I think this one is 10. It's the same principle, except the entire chamber is shaped like a backwards J, with you at the bottom. Put an exit portal at the top of the tall side. Run into an entry portal, and be projected over the short side.

This chamber has the same issue - I passed it twice, and tried it many times afterwards and can't get past it.

the Flash MapPack is great - more of Portal is always a good thing, and the quality is exemplary. I do find some difficulty in executing the techniques. I like to figure out the puzzles and move through them. This MapPack has a bit more of precise hand work and repetitious trial-and-error on preciseness. It's more of a hand workout than a mind workout on some screens.

Anyway, I'm currently stuck at screen 15 (since I didn't save my previous successes). Any tips or help?

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