Echoes - Poll

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  1. 1. Do you think there will be multiplayer in Echoes?

    • Yeah.
    • Maybe.
    • No.
    • (WCS Team only) Echoes will not have multiplayer.
  2. 2. When you think Act 2 will be released?

    • 6 weeks.
    • In some days.
    • 1 month.
    • (WCS Team only) When it's done.
  3. 3. What you think about Echoes Act 1?

    • Hard, Great Storyline, Awesome.
    • IZ GUD.
    • :D
    • (WCS Team only) Wait, what?

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It has been confirmed that there isn't multiplayer in act 2, so that's out the question for now at least. As for a release date for Act 2 goes, who knows, I guess it'll be released whenever it's finished and tested.

There was this blog post recently about Echoes so check that out, any news on it will get posted there.

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