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So I was wondering if all of the cheracters can seat down/throw a grenade then why

Dem can't do these 2 things?

Are you gonna change it in Act ll or in Act lll

Yeah and by the way is it hard to do a game in flash? Please awnser

:rolleyes::rolleyes: !!!!

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A flash game is as hard as you want to make it. If you want to keep it simple something like a maze is easy to start with, but something as complex as Echoes is definitely not a suitable first project, also think Echoes is made by quite a large team of people and thus has their combined minds behind it.

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There's definitely quite a few new additions in Act 2, some of them are indeed what you call 'actions' for Dem.

But keep in mind, Echoes is pretty 'hardcore' game as it is (for a Flash game and its audience). We are trying not to add too many new ambitious elements because it's hard to make sure players don't miss them out. Some stuff weren't easy to understand in Act 1 so we had to changed them completely, such as the unlocking system inside the survival mode.

Here's the short answer though: Yes you'll be able to have Dem 'sit' (crouch) in Act 2. It'll make more sense as we reveal a new element in the combat system, soon enough.


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