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I help a friend with their music studio, we've been having a problem though.

He owns ProTools, a piece of recording/production software that runs through a piece of hardware called an Mbox. The computer in the studio is pretty high spec and that's not going to be an issue, however it's running 64-bit Vista and won't recognize the Mbox.

I've searched around and the general gist is the version of ProTools he has isn't compatible with 64-bit Vista. Some people say they've got it to work by installing the ASIO Audio Driver. I tried this and after this I can detect the Mbox in the Device Manager, but still ProTools won't run without giving error messages (I tried searching the error message but to no avail).

The reason we're trying to get ProTools to run is the microphone in there uses an XLR connection and thus has to run through the Mbox (or anything else with an XLR connection). I tried to run the Mbox through Cubase and Logic and still there seems to be driver issues as nothing is able to interact with the inputs.

I had two ideas: Firstly, buy a XLR-USB converter, I found one for £20 so that's a cheap solution but I wonder if the sound quality will be compromised? The other, and this is where I was hoping someone here would be able to help, is just installing a 32-bit XP install on there (which I know is compatible with his version of ProTools because that's the old set up we had running).

I just thought am I being too optimistic here? Can I just install XP and all the 32-bit drivers and such will work? I don't exactly understand the differences between the two so help would be much appreciated.

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