Dead Before Dawn: Director's Cut - Full Trailer

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Here's a trailer for the Left 4 Dead 2 Mod "Dead Before Dawn" I've been working on recentely, took a lot of time but finally it's finished! Epic OST by Stephan "CosmicD" Vandenborn.

Here's a teaser I edited some time ago, OST again by CosmicD:

The DBD team would like to go out with a bang, presenting you with a fully choreographed and face-posed story trailer, telling the background of the campaign Dead Before Dawn plus it serves as trailer for our final version of Dead Before Dawn for Left 4 Dead 2 including an entirely finished previously unreleased level inside the crossroads mall.

This trailer has been choreographed and directed by Pedro Calvo (http://www.youtube.com/tigerboypt), featuring action scenes performed by the development and testing team as SI and survivors + music written by Stephan "CosmicD" Vandenborn (http://www.youtube.com/cosmicd)

On February 16th: Dead Before Dawn DC can be downloaded at:


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Looks kinda like a cross between L4D and Dead Rising. I just bought L4D2, but on the 360 so no mods :(

Looks good though, can see the hours that went into it. The trailer was cool a different approach to most with the news report but it works well given the context of the game, just wish I could play it.

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