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Hey guys im new but i love portal and love the map pack for portal 1 it was 150% more challanging then the people who created portal you know how to make a good challanging game.

I was wondering if you guys are in the process of making portal the flash version 2 map pack for portal 2 or if your thinking of doing it i really hope you do like i said you made a better portal game and the people who made portal and i still found it more challanging then portal 2 that game it seemed they walked you through it.

Please Please make portal flash version 2 map pack and make it hard and dont release it before its done take your time but not to much time if your working on it from a great portal fan thankyou.

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Sorry, but it's not happening. Many have requested it but the answer has always been a firm no. Watch this space for any announcements, but I wouldn't expect anything Portal related to pop up.

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