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I got in the bathroom...

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The bathroom.... there's a REALLY easy way to get in... I think you dont just wait in the closet; I think as long as your immobile somewere in the house.... keep in mind I'm 14; so I may not explain this very good...

well, you know the cabinet in the bedroom by the door (leaveing the room, to go downstairs) well, just camp there (for me it happened almost immediately) anyway, when she comes out, first thing she'll come for you. Just wait awhile. she should crawl back and forth around the room. she will then disappear. DON'T HESITATE! SHE SPAWNS BY THE BOOK SHELF UPSTAIRS AFTERWARD! (pause if you need to gather you breath :P)

run into the bathroom! you dont have long, as she pops out of the tube. (about 3-4-5 seconds) when she gets you, pause and restart the house, so you can try again. Hope it works for all of you!!!

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