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[HELP] Transfering Underhell mod into GMOD

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Alrighty then, Before I start I wish to know from MXTHE personally, If oyu dont mind me transferring Underhell completely to GMOD

Now let me start

Recently I saw many people Activating cheats through console command using GMOD software

Since I love making short GMOD movies, I wanted to make a very short clip about underhell

But when for example I tried to transfer The House map and Jakes model

next pairof problems happened to me

1) Jakes model textures were missing. the only texture of Jake which presisted was him in his full gear other models were purple and black

Maybe I missed transferring something?

2) Starting house map, I ended up nowhere and I had no idea what to do, because it was pitch black when i started the map

Nothing was seen and reached. No clip seem to didnt helped

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