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[Possible spoilers ahoy] Favorite Characters?

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So, after thinking and replaying Underhell Chapter 1, I've decided to try and think of a favorite character. Really difficult choice, to be honest, as they were all pretty human and well balanced.


But, in real personal opinion, it's probably a tie between Matthew and Benjamin. Well voice-acted, well rounded, and I actually believed they did pretty well of not following cliche and were, once again, human.


Anyway, throw your opinions on out, I'm sure there are some characters you liked specifically.

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Terry, a serious badass and a overall nice guy, and man, the way he

said "NEVER AGAIN!" after Ben's selfless sacrifice and about his promises just tears me up,

it makes me mourn for Jake relationship with


. :atzovili: Seems like good thing always comes to an end in the game, reminded me of things in my own life sometimes. Seriously, the emotional depth of this game just keep surprising me.

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"you're the first person I talk to in months, hell, maybe even weeks!"
"Nobody likes Chiwawas! It's like if a dog married a rat and had a baby. I'd rather have a dog and a rat than have them both into one. Ugh...hate Chihuahuas!"


"Not too early, not too late."


"How'd you get down here, huh? Hoo! By the smell of you, I think I have an idea, ha ha!"


Main characters talk about Hermit:


"I met an old man. He helped me find my way back here through the vents."



"That old fool is still alive and kicking, huh?"


But, seriously. I liked all of them.

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1. Terry

2. Ben

3. Bryan

4. Junior

5. Hermit

6. Matthew

7. Takeo


Terry is best character. I like his character development. And voice actor is awesome! Terry is smart, super lead of survivors who knows much about Company, faclities, PMCs etc. I hope that he (and Ben) escaped the faclity and will return in next chapters.

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